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Pailaka Song Of Ice And Fire - Quest

Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire

Place created by the collection of chaos. Find someone that will help you on Pailaka. (First Pailaka Quest. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive vitality points).
Level: 36-42
Start Location: Gludin
Type: One time, single
- Pailaka Ring (29 Mdef, +15 MP. Cannot be traded, dropped, exchanged or enchanted)
- Pailaka Earring (43 Mdef, +20 MP. Cannot be traded, dropped, exchanged or enchanted)
- 810k Exp / 50k SP
- Vitality Points
Races: All
Classes: All

The Pailaka instance dungeon can only be done once per player. In oder to access the dungeon you need one of Pailaka quests.
Bring SSD with you, later in the quest you will need it.
This is map of Pailaka:

1. To start the quest talk to Inspector Adler in Gludin , he is close to the Einhasad Church.

2. You are teleported in Pailaka, this is solo instance and you can't have party there. The place looks like Forgotten Temple, you have 60 minutes to finish, or you will have to restart the quest.

3. Talk to Inspector Sinai , she is right by the hallway where you can choose the Fire or Water sides. She will give you:

Sprite's Sword Sprite's Sword
Temple Book Of Secrets Temple Book Of Secrets

4. Sinai will send you to hunt mobs inside the Temple. You don't have to use her sword if you don't want.

5. You can use Temple Book Of Secrets Temple Book Of Secrets (double click on it) It will give you some info about where to find the bosses you will need to kill. Every time your quest updates, your Temple Book will update too.

6. Inside the Forgotten Temple rooms, you will find other Inspectors, keep in mind where they are , because you will need to talk with them after you kill the bosses.

7. Sinai will send you to kill raid bosses. The first boss is Hillas . On your way to Hillas you will face some agro- mobs Spirit Of Water

8. Kill Hillas

9. Speak with the Temple Inspector (outside Hillas room) to enhance your sword . The enhancement will give you a new skill called Shalin Heal

10. Go kill second boss - Papion . She can be found on the corridor that leads to the Fire side. Kill fist the agro mobs arround her. It will be easier if you take the minions out of the room and kill them before attacking her.

11. After you kill Papion you don't need to speak with a Temple Inspector (no enhancement needed at this time). Go to to the Fire side, until you find one of the big halls with the four other rooms connected to it.

12. Find boss Kinsus and fight her, same way you killed the first bosses (final hit with the Sprite's Sword Sprite's Sword )

13. Now find Temple Inspector to enhance your weapon again. You will get Damage-dealing skill to your sword, called Shalin Strike.

14. Next boss Gargos is harder then the previous ones. Find him in a similar room as the previous fire boss, just further ahead and kill him.

15. Now you must kill the final boss Adiantum . He is near the room of Papion - go back there and dive into the pool under the bridge. The underwater passage, under one of the stairs will lead you to the secret room where is Adiantum. Kill him

16. Inspector Adler will spawn in the room - talk with him. !

Hint: If you need restock or rebuff you can leave (via SOE) and re-enter (via Inspector Adler in Gludin) the Pailaka at any time.

17. Inspector Adler will reward you with:

  • Pailaka Ring - 29 mdef; +15 MP, cannot be traded, dropped or enchanted.
  • Pailaka Earring - 43 mdef; +20 MP cannot be traded, dropped or enchanted
  • Vitality points
  • 810.000 EXP and 50.000 SP
  • Soe