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Pailaka Devils Legacy - Quest

Pailaka - Devil's Legacy

The power of darkness has enveloped Devil's Isle. Prepare to resolve the matter and go meet with the Devil's Isle survivor.
Level: 61-67
Start Location: Giran
Type: One time, single
- Pailaka Bracelet (MP +20, activate 2 talisman slots)
- 10.800.000 EXP
- 950.000 SP
- Vitality Points
Races: All
Classes: All

First prepare yourself bring enough pots, Soe and antidotes, and pet shots (you will have summon inside the instance) and you will be 90 mins alone there.

Map of Pailaka:

To start the quest talk to Devil's Isle Survivor in Giran, he is close to the Einhasad Temple. Talk to him until you enter the instance.

Find Devil's Isle Supporter and talk with him. He will give you quest weapon Ancient Legacy Sword Ancient Legacy Sword. The sword can summon Tigress . To summon the tiger, open your skill window and look under the Item Skills of the active tab. Don't forget to add the summons special attack skill to your shortcut bar as well as the /summonattack icon or macro as well. With Beast SS this special skill can just about kill a normal mob in one blow with basic buffs. If the skill hasn't refreshed yet, the summon will just stand there unless you use the /summonattack command. (Which is why you want to add it to the shortcut bar.) Otherwise it will attack normally after using the special skill successfully. The sword/summon can be upgraded twice, but to do so you have to unsummon it first. So if the summon had any buffs you will lose them in the process. Please note: You need to have the sword equipped to summon the tiger, but once summoned you can switch to any other weapon and it will stay summoned.

Inside the dungeon you can find different mobs:

Deadman's Grudge

Begrudged Archer

Powder Keg

These mobs don't drop any adena or materials, just herbs.

The Teasure Boxes drop special Pailaka potions just like the vases did in the previous Pailaka. The Powder keg's are new however. They don't attack, and you don't need to touch them...but if they take any damage they explode dealing a huge amount of damage in a quite wide radius. Enough that they can one hit kill most mobs in their explosion range. And that includes you! Note however, that herbs dropped by mobs killed by the exploding Keg's cannot be picked up, nor do you get any XP/SP for them.

There are a few 'locked' gates in the dungeon as well. You may use the All-Purpose Pailaka Key to open them like you would a chest. The unlock skill does NOT work on them. Of the ones I tried, all I found behind them was another Treasure box that dropped the same items as the others in the dungeon. I was not able to test all the gates, but the one in the entry area was not openable, the others should be marked on the map if I tested them or not.

You will also find a Dwarf Adventurer in here as well. This NPC is used to 'power up' your sword and summon, but doesn't serve any other real purpose.

The special Pailaka potions/items that drop in this dungeon are:

Talk with Dwarf Adventurer before killing the first boss. This is because the first and third boss mobs will give you special upgrade scrolls for the quest sword, but the quest updating appears glitched if you haven't talked to the NPC's first. (Forcing you to exit and re-enter the instance to reset the quest.) The first boss is placed such that you will usually run into it before you find one of the Dwarf NPC's, while a pair of them practically bracket the third boss.

The 1st Boss you gonna run into is Kams . He might poison you, so be prepared to use some antidotes.
Once defeated you will obtain Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 1 . Bring it to a Dwarf Adventurer who will refine your the Ancient Legacy Sword into an Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword Enhanced Ancient Legacy Sword .
Tigress power will improve and you get a new weapon skill – Ice Chill, a water element nuke. Make sure to unsummon Tigress, or he won’t enhance it for you.

The 2nd Boss to kill is Hikoro . He might poison and bleed you.
He wont drop an Enchant Scroll, but needs tobe killed anyway.

The next Boss you gonna meet, while making your way to the upper floor on Devil’s Isle is Alkaso . His skills might cause you bleeding.
When he is dead meet up with the next Dwarf Adventurer to get the Ancient Sword refined with the Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 2 Pailaka Weapon Upgrade Stage 2 you just got.
You now have the Complete Ancient Legacy Sword Complete Ancient Legacy Sword . Make sure to unsummon the Tigress before enchanting.
Tigress has improved again and you got a new weapon skill – Chill Strike.

The last of the Bosses before fighting the Final one is Gerbera .
Once dead you gonna find yourself close to Zaken’s ship deep inside Devil’s Isle.

Before facing the Final Boss Lematan you should fully regen your MP and if needed, resummon Tigress.
When you’re ready, jump down into the water and find the underwater passage leading to Zaken’s ship.

Fighting final boss Lematan won’t be that easy, like the other 2.
He will teleport himself and you to the center ship once he has only half HP left. There he gonna spawn his minions, Lematan's Followers . They will heal him and also use some sort of binding spell on him.

There are 3 different ways how to deal with that situation:

  • Let Tigress kill the Followers, while you focus on Lematan. Note, the Followers will respawn.
  • Try to lure Lematan away from the Followers, to one of the bridges. There the Followers can not reach him. This one is abit tricky, couse the Followeres might pull him back to the ship.
  • If you have any sort of a binding skill (Anchor, Root, Shackle, …) you can prevent Lematan from porting to the ship. So no Followeres to deal with.

Downside of the last 2 solutions is, once Lematan is dead the Dwarf Adventurer will spawn on the ship and you need to find a way to get there as well.
The Dwarf Adventurer will take back the Ancient Sword and hand over the rewards: