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One Thousand Years - Quest

One Thousand Years, the End of Lamentation
Start Level: 48
Start Location: Dragon Valley
Type: Rewards - Adena
Races: All
Classes: All

1. To start the quest talk to Gilmore Gilmore location on the map (entrance of Dragon Valley)

2. He asks you to hunt undead and bring him Articles of Dead Heroes.

3. Hunt the undead in the area and return to Gilmore. You will recieve 60 adena for each article.

If you are very lucky you can get Relic key. Go to Sir Kristof Rodemai in Giran and give him the key.
Rodemai can give you random of these items:
50 Coarse Bone Powder
50 Oriharukon Ore
Drake Leather Gloves
Raid Sword.
Scroll of Enchant Weapon C-Grade