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Mimirs Elixir - Quest

Mimir's Elixir
Start lvl:
Location: Ivory Tower
NPC: Magister Ladd
Type: Solo / One time only
Rewards: Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A)

To start Mimir's Elixir you also need to have quest Fate's Whisper (A Grade Weapon) finished.

1. To start the quest speak with Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower. He asks you to bring him Pure Silver - you have this from quest - Supplier of Reagents.

2. Go to Alchemist's Mixing Urn to make Pure Silver. The formula is:

  • 10 Moonstone shards + 1 Volcano Ash = 1 Moondust
  • 10 Moondust + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Lunagent
  • 1 Lunagent + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Pure Silver

3. Give the Pure Silver Pure Silver to Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower. He will tell you that he needs True Gold.

4. Speak with Magister Joann at the 3th floor of Ivory. She will ask you to hunt Chimera Piece Chimera Piece location on the map under Giant's Cave in order to get Stone of Wisdom.

5. Bring Stone of Wisdom to Magister Joann and she will give you in exchange True Gold.

6. Talk to Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower and give him the True Gold True Gold.

7. Now you must kill Bloody Guardian Bloody Guardian location on the map inside LOA (Lair of Antaras) and you will get Blood Fire Blood Fire (make the last hit !).

8. Go back to the basement of Ivory Tower. Use Alchemist Mixing Urn and combine Pure Silver and True Gold together ( use 3th temperature - Phoenix ) and you get Mimir's Elixir Mimir's Elixir.

9. Go to Magister Ladd (4th floor) and give him Mimir's Elixir and he gives you Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A) as reward.

Now you are ready to start training your Subclass.

Talk to the Blacksmith or Grand Master or Grand Magister (depends on the class you want to train).

Important notes:

  • You can't change the subclass you've chosen.
  • Once your subclass is lvl 75 you can train another.
  • You can choose up to 3 subclasses.
  • Beware of changes in weight capacity when you switch to your subclass.
  • All buffs disappear when you switch to subclass.
  • The sin eater quest disappears when you switch classes.