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Lets Get Fishing Shots - Quest

Required Lvl: 1
Loc: Any Town
NPC: Fisherman's Guild Member
Type: Repeatable / Party
Reward: Fishing Shots

Okay this quest is probobly the only one ingame that can be done from lv 1 to level 78.
It's a quest you probobly should have on all the time, as there are a very large number of monsters you can hunt.

The rewards are fishing shots of different grades. The item these monsters drop is Sweet Fluid Sweet Fluid.

Sweet Fluid 1 sweet fluid =
Fishing Shot: Non-grade 66 Fishing Shot : Non-grade
Fishing Shot: D-grade 40 Fishing Shot : D-grade
Fishing Shot: C-grade 28 Fishing Shot : C-grade
Fishing Shot: B-grade 8 Fishing Shot: B-grade
Fishing Shot: A-grade 5 Fishing Shot: A-grade
Fishing Shot: S-grade 4 Fishing Shot: S-grade

The monsters that drop them:

Talkin Island:
Elder Keltirs, Wolves, Orc Grunts, Warewolves, Stone Golems, Talon Spiders, Skeleton Archers, Silent Horrors, Undine Nobles

Elven Land:
Elder red Keltirs, Gray Wolves, Kaboo Orc Grunts, Kaboo Orc Figters, Dryads, Hook Spiders, Liren Elders, Dungeon Skeleton Archers, Dark Terrors, Sukar Warerat Leaders

Dark Elven Land:
Elder Brown, Keltirs, Ashen wolves, Imp Elders, Balor Fighters, Festering bat, Lesser Dark horrors, Archrid Trackers, Cave bats, Cave Fangs, Spider, Stink Zombies

Orc Land: Elder praire keltirs, Kasha Wolves, Rakeclaw imp hunters, Maraku warewolves, Gravestone golems, kasha fang spiders, kasha imp, Grave keepers, Undead slaves

Dwarven Land: Elder longtail keltirs, Black Wolves, Utuku orc Grunts, Goblin brigand lieutants, Goblin lords, Hunter tarantulas, Northern trimedens, Darkstone golems, Boogie ratmen, Pitchstone Golems.

Windmill Hill: Lang Lizardmen wariors, Vuku Orc Fighters, Archnid Predators Lang Lizardman Dwelling: Lang Lizardman sentinels, Lang Lizardman liutenants, Lang Lizardman shamans, Lang Lizardman leaders.

Wasteland: Lesser basilisk, Androscprpics, Androscorpio Hunter, Cave Ants, Ant Captains, Granit Golems, Punchers, Ant Warior Captains. Windy Hill: Sobbing Winds, Babbling winds, Giggling winds, Shining Winds, Whispering Winds. Ant Nest: Ants, Ant overseers, Ant patrols, Ant recruits, Noble ants Ant Icubator?: Cave Ants, Cave Ant soldiers, Cave noble ants

Windawood Manor: ol Mahum guards, Ol mahum reserves, Ol mahum shooters, Ol Mahum Captains.

Cruma Marslands: Giant mist leeches, Horor mist rippers, Marsh stakatos, Marsh stakato worker, Marsh stakato soilders, Marsh stakato Drones.

Floran Agriculural Area: Plain Watchmen, Rough hewn rock golems, Delu lizardman suppliers, Delu Lizardman special agents, Cursed seers, Delu Lizardman commanders, Delu lizardman shamans.

Tanor Canyon: Tanor Silenos Wariors, Tanor Silenos grunts, Tanor silenos, Nightmare lords, Nightmare keepers, Tanor Silenos chiftains, Tanor silenos shamans.

Breka's Stronghold: Breka Orcs, Breka Orc archers, Breka Orc wariors, Breka Orc Shamans, Breka orc overlords

Death Pass: Wyrms, Guardian basilisk, Road scavengers, Fettered souls, Windus, Grandis

Devil's Isle:
Zaken's Archers, Mardians, Pirate zombies, Tanted ogres, Fiend Archers, Zaken's royal guard, Pirate Zombie Captains, Vale Masters, Unpleasant Hummings. ..... (More to Come)


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