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Legacy Of Insolence - Quest

Legacy of Insolence
Start Level :59
Start Location: Tower of Aden
Rewards: A-grade boot/helm/glove fabrics & recipes
Races: All
Classes: All

To start the quest talk to Warhouse Keeper Walderal in Aden warehouse. He will tell you to go to Tower Of Isolense and hunt those mobs:

If you need A grade reciepes don't waste your time with other floors cause you will not get much black papyrus. Focus on floor 9 and floor 10 of TOI !

The quest items are tradeable so you can sell , buy trade them. You get ANCIENT PAPYRUS (4 differ types): Red/Blue/White/Black. When you click them they transform to Blueprints TOI, Revelation of the Seals, Ancient Epic chapters, & Imperial Genealogy.

To recieve the reward go back to Walderal in aden warehouse.


ToI Blueprint Set (1-13) : Either a A-grade helm, boot, glove design, or a recipe. You will be able to choose wich set you need: Tallum Dark Crystal Majestic Nighmare
If you are lucky you can get all the 3 reciepes helm, boot and glove or just one of those reciepes. If you are not lucky you can get just a fabric. (Good luck to you !!!)

Revelation of Seals Set (1-7) : 4000 adena, Nightmare helm, boot, glove designs OR Majestic helm, boot, glove designs

Ancient Epic Set (1-5) : 1-3 Tallum helm, boot, glove designs

Imperial Genealogy (1-5) : 1-3 Dark Crystal helm, boot, glove designs

Musical Score: Theme of Battle; Musical Score: Theme of Love