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Jovial Accordion - Quest

Dwarf Barbado falls in love with the mandolin music of Bard Swan and wants to play in concert with him. However, Swan avoids Barbado because of his relationship with Nanarin. The tangled love goes beyond a triangle-shaped relationship to a square or pentagon-shaped relationship!

Level 15
Start Location Dion Castle Town
Start Npc Musician Barbado
Races All
Classes All
Repeatable Yes (Solo)
Rewards Musical Score - Theme Of Feast

Quest Guide

1. Speak to Musician Barbado in the east hallway of Dion.

2. He will send you to talk to Bard Swan, in the middle of Dion, under the large tree.

3. Bard will send you the the warehouse to open the beer chest. Then speak to Trader Sabrin in the weapon shop. Then proceed to the magic shop and open the clothes chest.

4. From their, head to the North gate of Dion, and speak to Guard Xaber.

5. Return to Bard Swan.

6. Return to Musician Barbado.

The reward is a Musical Score - Theme Of Feast. By talking to the Echo Crystal maker, in the Magic Shop, you can make Echo Crystals, which play a tune when used.