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Hunt Of The Black Lion - Quest

Start Level: 25
Start Location: Dion Castle Town
Rewards - Items to use and/or trade for Adena
Races: All , Classes: All

To make this quest you need to finish Vainquish Remnants quest and be black Lion member. To start it talk with guard Leopold in Gludin

1. To start Hunt of the Black Lion quest speak with Mercenary captain Sophya in center of Dion

2. To make this quest you must complete 4 missions:

- Hunt Undead at Execution ground

- Hunt Ol’Mahums in partisan hideway

- Hunt Delu lizardmen south of Dion.

- Hunt marsh Skatato in the Cruma marshland.

For 33-49 quest items Sophya will give you 1 lion claw
For 50-99 quest items Sophya will give you 2 lion claws
For 100+ quest items Sophya will reward you with 3 lion claws.

For 10 or more lion claws you can recieve 1 lion eye by clicking « continue the mission »
You will also receive a random reward:

Number of eyes 1-4 5-8 9+
Healing pots 20 25 50
Soulshot D 100 200 400
Spiritshot D 50 100 200
Scroll of escape 20 20 30
Swift attack potion 3 3 4


You also get cargo boxes when you hunt the mobs. You can choose to try to open the boxes or give them to Guildsman Morgan in Dion next to the magic shop. He will reward you with a guild coin and little adena. If you decided to try to open them go and talk with Mercenary Redfoot behind the Dalr Elf guld in Dion. He will ask for 650 adena to open a box. .
Inside the box you can find random of those:

Dion Corn Meal = 500 adena
Dire Wolf Pelts = 500 adena
Gludio Apples = 500 adena
Gludio Wheat Flour = 750 adena
Moonstone = 750 adena
Spidersilk Rope = 750 adena
Alexandrite = 1000 adena
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 1st Piece = 1000 adena
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 2st Piece = 1000 adena
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 3st Piece = 1000 adena
Fragment of Ancient Tablet - 4st Piece = 1000 adena
Mechanic Golem Spare Parts = 1000 adena
Silver Tea Service = 1000 adena
Statue of Silen - Arm = 1000 adena
Statue of Silen - Head = 1000 adena
Statue of Silen - Legs = 1000 adena
Statue of Silen - Torso = 1000 adena
Avellan Silk Frock = 2500 adena
Feriotic Porcelain Urn = 2500 adena
Fire Emerald = 2500 adena
Imperial Diamond = 10000 adena

If you were lucky to have at one of each part of the ancient tablet or the statue, go and talk with blacksmith Rupio in Giran.
He can succed or not of making coplete tablet ot statue (50% chance). You can sell t statue or tablet for 10000 adena in shops. But if you have tablet go and talk with Iron Gate’s Lockirin in dwarven village, he will pay you 30 000 adena for each complete tablet. If you have statue go and talk with Abbyssal celebrant Undrias at the temple of Shilien and recieve 30000 adena reward for each statue.