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Help The Sister - Quest

Help the Sister!
Start lvl: 26
Location: Town of Giran
NPC: Pet Manager Cooper
Type: One Time Only, Solo
Rewards: Baby Cougar Chime

1. Start the quest by speaking with Pet Manager Cooper in Giran.

2. He needs you to get him Crafted Dagger Crafted Dagger . Buy it from shom - 449,900 adena

3. Cooper sends you to hunt 30 of these mobs:

4. When you have all the quest items go back to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran.

5. He makes a map and sends you to Galladuci in the Prestigious Items Hall in Giran.

6. When you speak with Galladuci he sends you back to Cooper.

7. Pet Manager Cooper rewards you with a Pet Exchange Ticket: Cougar Pet Exchange Ticket: Cougar.

8. Speak with Cooper again and choose the Exchange the Pet Trade ticket for a pet option and exchange it for your Baby Cougar Chime Baby Cougar Chime.