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Help My Uncle - Quest

Help my Uncle !

Start Level: 25
Start Location: Dion Castle Town
Type: Rewards - Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo
Races: All
Classes: All

1. To start the quest talk to Pet Manager Waters in Dion Castle Town.

2. You have to buy him a Trident. Get him one.

3. He wants you to hunt these mobs Monster Eye Gazer Monster Eye Gazer location on the map or Monster Eye Destroyer Monster Eye Destroyer location on the map to get 30 quest items.

4. Go back to Waters and give him the quest items.

5. He uses the fragments to make a map and asks you to take it to Sophya in front of the building with the Fighter trainers.

6. Tell Sophya you have the map from Pet Manager Waters.

7. Go back to Waters. He send you to Pet Manager Cooper .

8.Cooper gives you Pet Exchange Ticket: Buffalo.

9. Choose the Exchange the Pet Trade ticket and exchange it for Baby Buffalo.