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Hellbound Guide - Quest


Brief Hellbound Guide:

HB Stage 1 - Harbor

- Don't kill Subjugated Natives, Charmed Natives and Quarry Slaves because each of them killed decreases trust points by 10.
- Monsters that give 1 trust point each (Harbor Area):Junior Summoners, Junior Watchmen, Blind Huntsmen, Blind Watchmen.
- Monsters that give 3 trust points each (Megaliths): Arcane Scouts, Arcane Guardians and Arcane Watchmen.
- When you kill monsters you will occasionally get Darion's Badges. Keep them for later use.
- At first stage you must reach 300,000 trust points.

HB Stage 2 - Ancient Temple

- Still don't kill Subjugated Natives, Charmed Natives and Quarry Slaves because each of them killed decreases trust points by 10.
- Hand over Darion's Badges to Kief. For every darion's badge you get 10 trust points.
- Remember that once hellbound has reached level 2 the monsters you had to kill in stage 1 don't give anymore trust points, only darion's badges.
- Purchase a Native Helmet, a Native Tunic and Native Pants from Tailor Buron at the harbor entrance for 10 Darion's Badges each.
- Once you have the native set you will obtain a skill to transform into a native.
- Then go to Hidden Oasis and talk to Bernarde and buy holy water from him for 5 darion's badges.
- With the Holy Water obtained from Bernarde, head to ruins of the Ancient Temple.
- There you will meet three different souls: Remnant Wraith, Remnant Diviner, and Remnant Diabolist.
The Remnant Wraith can be simple killed, but the other two souls have to be attacked and relieved with the Holy
Water when their HP has decreased to zero.
- During stage 2 of Hellbound you must raise the number of overall trust points on the server
from 300,000 to 600,000.

HB Stage 3 - Native Village

- Still don't kill natives.
- As before you can hand over Darion's Badges to Kief. For every darion's badge you get 10 trust points.
- Even now at stage 3 hellbound you have to be transformed in native to interact with the npcs.
- Monsters that give 3 trust points each (Native Village): Darion's Executioner and Darion's Enforcer.
- Monsters that give 100 trust points each (Native Village): MiniBoss Keltas.
- Kill Keltasin order to get native treasures.
- In stage 3 hellbound Keltas spawn every 4 to 8 hours.
- Accumulate 1 million trust points then give 40 treasures to Jude and 1 to Bernarde to reach stage 4 hellbound.

HB Stage 4 - Relieving Derek of his Suffering

- Don't kill natives.
- You can still kill Keltas for native treasures which you can handle to Jude for a reward.
- In stage 4 hellbound Keltas spawn every 8 to 16 hours.
- Keltas or the other monsters at the Native Village will NOT give you trust points anymore when killed.
- Also you can't give darion badges to Kief to increase trust points anymore.
- You have to kill Derek at Ancient Temple Remnants to reach stage 5 hellbound.
- After that, Darion's Executioners and Darion's Enforcers will vanish and Keltas will not spawn any more.
- Kief and Tailor Buron can from now on be found in a building of the village.
- Obtain Basic Caravan Certificate from Trader Falk at the Hidden Oasis for 20 Darion's Badges.
- Then talk to Hude at Caravan Encampment to obtain Standard Caravan Certificate.
- You must bring Hude 30 Marks of Betrayal and 60 Poison Stingers from Wandering Caravans, Sand Scorpions and Desert Scorpions.
- With the Standard Caravan Certificate you can buy from Hude the so-called "Caravaner's Remedy" that neutralizes Heat of Desert debuff for 1 hour real time.
- One bottle is 25,000 adena, and the Remedy can not be traded or dropped.

HB Stage 5 - Rescuing Quarry Slaves

- Talk to Tailor Buron and Solomon in the main building of the Native Village.
- Then go talk with Jude and head to Hellbound Quarry.
- Here you must kill: Quarry Foremen, Patrolmen and Supervisors.
- After you have killed the guards, talk to the Slaves and tell them to follow you.
- Bring the Slaves to the end of the Quarry in southern end of the road and you will see a targetable stone pillar. At this point, the Slaves are safe.
- When saving the Quarry Slaves, watch out for the overseers who will kill any escaping Slave.
- Each dead slave will decrease the trust level on your server by 10 points.
- In a hidden corner of the Native Village you can find a Hellbound Traitor who can open a door for 10 Marks of Betrayal.
- Inside that room you can find Resistance Fighter General [Leodas] RaidBoss who drops only S-Grade Armor Enchantment Scrolls.
- To reach stage 6 you must rescue aprox 1000 quarry slaves.

HB Stage 6 - Battle for the Enchanted Megaliths

- In stage 6 hellbound some changes are present at the Enchanted Megaliths.
- More monster appeared there:
- Naia's Defender [Hellinark] is a lvl 84 Raid Boss.
- Hellinark can use his magical powers to summon [Naia Failans], cactus-like crystalline who can cast debuffs on everyone threatening them and their master.
- Hellinark has a great number of [Failan's Guards] and [Arcane Guardians] at his disposal.Both of them are spoiling EWS scrolls.
- Like at [Stage 5] you can talk to the Hellbound Traitor at the Native Village. Give him 10 Marks of Betrayal, and you will have a chance to kill Resistance Fighter General [Leodas].
- Once the Enchanted Megaliths are taken, the invisible barrier isolating the Battered Lands will fall and the Chimeras living there can be hunted this meaning you reached stage 7 hellbound.

HB Stage 7 - Battered Lands and S80 Recipes
- Talk to Caravan Merchant Hude at Caravan Encampment and bring him 56 Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces to obtain Premium Caravan Certificate.
- For collecting the Life Forces you need a Magic Bottle that can be obtained for 20 Scorpion Poison Stingers from NPC Kief at the Native Village.
- Head to Battered Lands and kill Chimeras for Dim Life Force and regular Life Force.
- Contained Life Force can be obtained from their leader Celtus.
- After you collected 56 regular Life Forces and 14 Contained Life Forces you must obtain from Hude the Premium Caravan Certificate.
- This Premium Caravan Certificate entitles you to trade with him for key materials and recipes needed to craft Dynasty equipment - weapons, armor and jewelry.
- Caravan Merchant Hude does not take adena, however, but pieces of paper you obtain by double-clicking on an Ancient Tome of the Demon: Hidden First Pages, Hidden Second Pages or Demon Contract Fragments.
- To reach hellbound stage 8 you must keep bringing all types of life forces to Kief.

HB Stage 8 - Iron Castle Gate

- This stage is rather easy. All you have to do is kill the Outpost Captain, a fierce horned devil using dual swords, and the gate will open for the next stage.
- Aside from the Outpost Captain, you should also watch out for the [Enceinte Defenders].
- Some of them can take out single attackers over a long distance, while others can wipe out whole groups with one single strike in close-hand combat.
- After killing the Outpost Captain, you can proceed to liberate the slaves Beleth keeps at the oasis behind the Enceinte.

HB Stage 9 - Rescuing Native Slaves at the Inner Oasis

- In this stage you have to free the native slaves from oasis behind iron gate by giving them darion badges.
- After entering the Iron Castle gate and turning south, you will soon arrive at a little lake, with some trees and tents.
- The slaves living there are far from home. With at least five Darion's Badges, you can help them travel back to the west of the island.
- It will also increase the number of accumulated trust points on the server.
- After giving a certain amount of Darion's Badges to the slaves, you will be able to enter the next level.
- You will know that this point is reached when a slave you talk to is telling you that he now can experience the feeling of Hellbound being liberated.
- This oasis is the place where the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai can sometimes be met.
- He spawns only at midnight in-game time in one of the tents but not everyday, but it is worth waiting for him.
- Matras has two quests:
-> Matras's Curiosity => You can pick up the quest at this stage, but you can only progress through it at stage 11.
-> Matras' Suspicious Request => You can pick up the quest at this stage, but you can only progress through it at stage 10.

HB Stage 10 - Market Town

- When you talk to a slave at the Inner Oasis and he tells you that he now can experience the feeling of Hellbound being liberated, means that stage 10 Hellbound has been reached.
- Now you are ready for the Market Town, a 30 minute instance for 2 or more persons of lvl 78 or above.
- To enter the instance, talk to Kanaf on the southern edge of the town.
- Once inside you do two things:
-> Killing monsters: Town Guards, Town Patrolmen.
-> Rescue native prisoners in the buildings to increase trust points.
- Find Steel Citadel Keymaster that is hiding random in one of the buildings.
- When you kill the Keymaster, he will drop with a certain probability a Key of the Evil Eye.
- After you have the Key, you can eliminate the lvl 86 Torture Expert Amaskari in the center of the town.
- Don't kill tortured natives cause this will reduce the level of trust on the server.
- Amaskari is dead, fight your way to the northeastern end of town, where you will find a Moonlight Stele.
- Insert the Key of the Evil Eye into the Stele, and after 5 minutes you will be teleported into the Base Tower of the Steel Citadel.

HB Stage 10 - Base Tower

- Kill Body Destroyer, Soul Dominators to obtain at random either a Gate Key: Destruction or a Gate Key: Darkness.
- Use the key you got on one of the doors and access the labyrinth.
- Somewhere in the middle of the lab you will see a miniboss Guzen, and after you kill it continue trhough the lab until you find a ramp going to the second floor.
- From the monsters on the second floor you obtain Fiery Demon Blood, when you reach the end of floor two you will se a npc there.
- NPC Jerian will tell you to use Demon Blood in order to access the Infinitum Tower.
- If Hellbound has not yet reached stage 11, Jerian will inform you that you can’t enter.

HB Stage 11 - Infinitum Tower

- Tower of Infinitum is divided into two parts.
- First -> 5 floors with RB Demon Prince on floor 5.
- Second -> 5 floor with RB Ranku on floor 10.
- After you kill Ranku the second rb, a Transportation Cubic will appear.
- Use the cubic to exit Tower of Infinitum.
- Remember to pick up the quest "Matra’s Curiosity" from the Dwarf Matras at the inner oasis.
- If you can obtain the two blueprints from Demon Prince and Ranku and bring them to Matras, You won't need to enter Tower of Infinitum a second time.
- You can search out the NPC Deltuva(located in front of a cave directly after entering Steel Citadel’s Outer Gate) and teleport directly into Tully's Workshop.

HB Stage 11 - Tully's Workshop

- Tully's Workshop has eight floors.
- Each floor has trap doors, key monsters and methods to unlock the next floor.
- Floor 1 -> Kill Master Zelos and a trapdoor to floor two will be unlocked.
- Floor 2 -> Find the trapdoor in one of the rooms and head to the third floor.
- Floor 3 -> Kill Master Festina a trapdoor in the central platform where she spawned will be unlocked to the next floor.
- Floor 4 -> One of the rooms has a trapdoor that leads to floor five.
- Floor 5 -> There are some devices that can open doors in the labyrinth. After opening the innermost door, you will enter the Raid Boss Tully’s room. After you kill Tully you must find the NPC Ghost of an Old Dwarf and move on to floor six.
- Floor 6 -> Kill the monster there until a Mysterious Agent will appear.He can teleport you to floor seven or to the roof.
- Floor 7 -> This is a secret area where you can arrive through the Mysterious Agents on floor six and eight.
- Floor 8 -> Here can be a Transportation Cubic or a Mysterious Agent who will teleport you to the secret area on floor seven.
- Roof -> The Raid Boss Darion and Floating Ghosts appear here.You can get here from floor six, seven, or eight. When Darion is defeated, a secret door will open and you will be able to see a bridge that connects to the Tower of Naia.

HB Stage 11 - Tower of Naia

- Tower of Naia has three floors.
- Every floor has several rooms, twelve in total.
- There is a five minutes time limit for each room, so you must clean out the room quickly. Otherwise you will be teleported back to the roof.
- To enter, attack the Lock on the roof of the Tower of Naia.
- 1st Room -> Monsters: Beleth’s Follower, Beleth’s Devotee
- 2nd Room -> Monsters: Beleth’s Assassin
- 3rd Room -> Monsters: Beleth’s Minion
- 4th Room -> Monsters: Beleth’s Assassin
- 5th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Retainers, Beleth's Followers
- 6th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Projection
- 7th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Followers, Beleth's Devotees, Beleth's Fighters
- 8th Room -> Danger Area with poison debuff. Monsters: Beleth's Projections
- 9th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Minions
- 10th Room -> Danger Area with fire debuff. Monsters: Beleth's Projections
- 11th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Low Servants
- 12th Room -> Monsters: Beleth's Slaves
- After you are done with last room you can descend to the bottommost floor with Mutated Elpy.
- Here you have to wait for other parties to come until you reach the number of 45 people required for a successful Beleth raid.
- If one member gets disconected from the internet the whole party will be teleported back to the oasis near the Enceinte.
- When everybody has arrived, hit the brown bunny. It dies immediately and spawns a bunch of Naia Spores.
- There are four kinds of Naia Spores, corresponding to the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind.
- Now to spawn Epidos you have to kill specific element Spore:
- Fire Epidos -> You must kill Water Spores
- Earth Epidos -> You must kill Wind Spores
- Water Epidos -> You must kill Fire Spores
- Wind Epidos -> You must kill Earth Spores
- If you kill one Water Spore chance for Fire Epidos to spawn increases if you kill another element Spore it decreases.
- After you have killed the Epidos a Teleportation Cubic will appear that is supposed to teleport your whole group into Beleth's throne room.