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Gather Ingredients For Pie - Quest

Start Level: 34
Start Location: Dion Castle Town
Type Rewards: 25.000 Adena or 50 Varnish
Races: All
Classes: All

1. To start the quest talk to Emily in Dion

2. She asks for your help in getting honey for her pies.

3. Hunt Wasp Leader Wasp Leader location on the map and Wasp Worker Wasp Worker location on the map from the Beehive area and bring her 100 Honey Sacs.

4. When you talk again with Emily she ass you to get her some spice from Trader Lara in the Magic Shop in Dion.

5. Lara gives you the spice and asks you to return to Emily.

6. Now Emily needs a fruit basket from her son Bright.

7. Talk with Guard Bright at the East gate in Dion.

8. He gives you a fruit basket and you give it back to his mother Emily.

9. Emily gives you 25,000 Adena or 50 Varnish.