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Delivery Of Special Liquor - Quest

Delivery of Special Liquor

Start Level : 68
Start Location: Hot Springs
Type: Rewards, Repeatable, Party
Random S-grade Jewelry Recipe or 18,800 Adena & Haste Potion
Races: All
Classes: All

Start the quest by talking to Chef Jeremy in Hot Springs area (click in the name to see exact location). He asks you to deliver liquor to his customers in the Hot Springs area.

You have to deliver the liquor to 5 customers in order (note: the order is always the same).

Go to the following dwarfs and speak with them:

  1. Beolin
  2. Kuber
  3. Crocus
  4. Naff
  5. Pulin

Return to Chef Jeremy and receive your reward.

The quest looks easy but is a lot of running from one dwarf to other... :)