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Delicious Top Choice Meat - Quest

Start Npc : Beast Herder Tunatun


Assassin start quest

Tunatun will require of you to bring back 120 to him Signal Quality Meat by killing some mobs in the zone of Beast Farm.

Mobs: Alpen Buffalo, Alpen Kookaburra et Alpen Kougar.

Important: ALL the mobs which you will have to kill must be to their third stage of evolution (when they are HPx2 like the screen so below), using food which several NPC in the zone of the ' Beast farm' sell It is only at this stage of evolution that you will obtain item quest.

Assassin start quest

After you finally have the 120 Signal Quality Meat, you will be able to bring back them to Tunatun:

Assassin start quest

He will propose to you in exchange of the items to the choice (only one possible choice).

Assassin start quest


End of the quets.

The quest can be made solo, but mobs are hard, at least you need a healer if you are not high lvl.


The #1 Council: Even if the quest can be made in solo, I you deconseil, the mobs are hard for it and hurt, you at least need a healor, to see of a complete part if you are not high level. The #2 Council: Begin the quete by taming an animal of the farm, it does not eat much and thus coute not expensive, but especially they can to you buffer/healer, and even regenerer your mana, it is one supports tres appreciable for this quete.