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Bring Up With Love - Quest

Start Level: 65
Start Location: Beast Farm
Type: One time only, solo
Rewards: 68,500 adena
Races: All
Classes: All

In this quest you must train beast in Beast farm to recieve quest item.

1. To start the quest talk to Beast Herder Tunatun Tunatun location on the map at the Beast Farm

2. Tunatun Tunatun location on the map will tell you to train beast and retrieve Jewel Of Innocence Jewel Of Innocence quest item by training beasts until you find the right one.

  • buy golden spice from feed sellers around the beast farm
  • find a beast ( cougar, kookaburra, or buffalo) target the beast and use the spice on it
  • If it works the beast will grow , keep trying.
  • When the beast grow 3,4 times it will become "trained buffalo" or alpine buffalo. If at the fourth stage it is not trained, you must kill it.

    Trained beast can heal you 750-900hp per heal and provide with buff depending of your class.

    If the animal has a pure heart you will receive the quest item, if not train other animal.
3. Return to Tunatun Tunatun location on the map for your reward, 68,500 adena.