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Adept Of Taste - Quest

Talk to Jonas in Dion (Located in the Warehouse) Receive Ingredient List.

Talk to Priestess Glyvka in Dion (located in the Church on the hill NW corner of town) Receive Glyvka's Botany Book.

Talk to Magister Rollant (also located in Church) Receive Rollant Creature Book.

Talk to Trader Sonia (located in Dion Magic Shop) Receive Sonia's Botany Book.

Talk to Guard Jacob (located in NW Corner of Town) Receive Jacobs Insect Book.

Talk to Grocer Pano ( located in Floran Village) Receive Pano's Contract.

Kill Gray Ants(Level 26 Passive) and Crimson Ants(Level 28 Aggressive) in the Marshes around Cruma Tower.
- Collect 20 Green Moss
- Collect 20 Brown Moss *

Return to Priestess Glyvka and receive Marsh Moss Bundle.

Kill Monster Eye Gazers(Level 25 Passive) and Monster Eye Searchers (Level 22 Passive) located around Floran Village.
- Collect 30 Carcasses

Return to Rollant and receive Meat of Monster Eye.

Hunt Mandragora Sprout (20 Passive), Madragora Sapling (23 Aggressive) Mandragora Blossom (25 Aggressive)] located East of Dion in the Execution Grounds.
- Collect 40 Red Mandragora Roots
- Collect 40 White Mandragora Roots *

Return to Sonia and receive Mandragora Essence .

Kill Bloody Bees (23 Passive) located around Floran Village and Stinger Wasps (Level 30 Aggro) Around Cruma.
- Collect 20 Nectar
- Collect 10 Royal Jellys *

Return to Jacob and receive Honey.

Hunt Hobgoblins (21 Passive) located around Dion.
- Collect 30 tokens

Return to Grocer Pano and receive Dionian Potatoes.

Return to Jonas and receive Steak Dish # (this varies depending on the quality of products)

Go to Magister Mirien (located in the Church) receive Review.

Return to Jonas to receive the reward. (Reward Varies depending on Dish #)