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Class Guide, with PVP

Human Figthers

Dark Avenger = DA
(Group pve)

(Solo pve)
With Dark Avenger's Panther out a there can solo very well; but she steals 30% off your exp

(Skills in pve)
Dark Avenger's mostly use Drain Health, and Life Scavenge to keep up there own health, and Agression + Hate Aura...

(Items/stuff in pve)
Blunt or sword, is good enof to hold aggresive inside pve...
For aoe groups health sa on a weapon is nice...

(Class Role)
Dark Avenger's are a tank/dd type...

(Dark Avenger's Speed)
Dark Avenger's are as slow as a Paladin, Temple Knight is quickest and then Shillen Knight...

In C4 Dark Avenger's Panther can use SS...

Dark Avenger's, have a Panther, who adds a lot off damgede; but she's used for pvp; not pve in a group; and your party wont care, for not having one out...

As a tank there can lvl all pets, but you can't keep out a pet and your Panther at the same time...

Paladin = PA
(Group pve)
Groups will love a Paladin, if something screws up...

(Solo pve)

(Skills in pve)
Sacrifice is a kickass heal to save a group member; other then that Paladin's use Aggression and Hate Aura in pve there heals arent mana efficenent enof...

(Class Role)
Paladin is a tank/support class cause off there heals, damgede isent they way...

(Items/stuff in pve)
Weapons with health sa, or hitpoint tattos so sacrifice can be used are good...
For aoe groups health sa on Weapon, is nice to have...

(Paladin Speed)
Paladin's has the same run speed as Dark Avenger; Temple Knight is quickest, then Shillen Knight..


Paladin's are one off the best to lvl pets; since a they can tank and heal...

Warlord = WL
Warlord's need a party to aoe hunt...
Only count on aoe all the time...

(Solo pve)
Warlord's can't solo without healer/buffer...

(Skills in pve)
Thunder Storm is a nice aoe stun aginst mobs...
Provoke is good for pulling mobs...
Howl, is nice to reduce damgede from mobs...

(Items/stuff in pve)
Depends; Warlock main puller or a second Warlord to deal damgede??
Main Puller = Really needs a good armor and + Con tattos, would be best...
Second Damgede Dealer = what ever suits you; but remember to think...

(Class Role)
Warlord's are a Aoe Machine; with high HP/CP...

(Warlord Speed)
Warlord's are faster then Dwarf's and Destroyer's


Warlord's are slow at lvling a wolf...
Warlord's can lvl a hatcling with the right adena...

Gladiator = GL
Most groups will invite a Gladiator for there on going DD...
Sometimes Gladiator's will even be the tank, if the settings are right..

(Solo pve)
Gladiator's can't solo unleass spamming potions; or having a healer/buffer follewing em...
but good when U duo with a prophet or a SE tho..

(Skills in pve)
Gladitor's Detect Weakness skills are good in pve...
Gladitor's meele Skills deal nice damgede, Triple Slash, Triple Sonic Slash...

(Items/stuff in pve)
Tattos +4 str +4 dex -8 con in pve...
Site note; most will go Heavy Armor, and Dual Swords...

(Class Role)
Gladitor's main role is DD, with some nice damgede absorbs...

(Gladiator Speed)
Gladitor's Run speed is slower then a Tyrant...

New skills: Detect weakness, Sonic Rage (400 range nuke, FAST recharge, fast cast, charges up your focus by 1 up to max of 7), Riposte Stance (reflects 50% dmg), Fatal strike damage is increased (up to 1k more power on some lvls)

There can lvl a wolf buts its slow...
hatclings there have an okay chance if you can fund em...

Tresure Hunter = TH
(Group pve)
TH will get choosen over, AW depends if the group has hex already, then PW last..

(Solo pve)
you can't solo without buffbot or potions, you just face to much downtime...

(Skills in pve)
Vicious Stance puts out more damgede mana wise then your, Deadly Blow and Backstab;
but a party wont care have some fun...

(Items/stuff in pve)
tattos +4 str +4 dex -8 con are always nice to have...
some wears Heavy Armor; but keep in mind you only have passives for Light Armor...

(Class Role)
is DD, and you run up to something...

(Tresure Hunter Speed)
your the slowest off the 3 Dagger classes(passive running); but Dash helps...


dont count on lvling a wolf...
hatclings can be manged if you got enof adena...

Hawkeye = HE
HE get choosen before a PH-SR...
HE are a DD for a group...
Hawkeyes are also Puller's...

(Solo pve)
you can't solo without buffs/heals your not fast enof to kite...

(Skills in pve)
Sagittarius is used when you start a hunt with more mp...
Rapid Shot is always used...

(Items/stuff in pve)
tattos +4 str -4 con // 1+ str -1 con are always nice to have...
a Bow with Cheap Shot helps...

(Class Role)
A DD whos to lazy to move...

(Hawkeye Speed)
Silver Ranger, got the best running speed, then comes Phantom Ranger, and then you... unmodified run speed with WW2. HE 170, PR 183, SR 187


lvling a wolf is slow...
hatclings can be lvled with the right adena...

Human Mages

Sorcerer = SS
(Group pve)
you get choosen over Spellsinger; but a Spell Howler will get your place...
you can join Aoe Groups to...

(Solo pve)
you can't solo well without a buffer/recharger you be forced to downtime

(Skills in pve)
your pre 40 Body To Mind is good all the way to 75...
you use Sleep; Sleep Cloud, and Prominence mainly...
in Aoe Blazing Circle closer the better; + your Rain of Fire...
Higher Mana Gain, is nice when someone cast Recharge on you...

(Items/stuff in pve)
++ casting stuff/weapons helps your Body To Mind, witch is very nice for mana...
+4 int -4men or +4 wit -4men are both nice in pve and pvp

(Class Role)
Pure DD, with weak HP/CP; your job is divided in Crowd Controling, DDing in 1 target or Aoe...

(Sorcerer Speed)
Spellsinger is faster at running then comes a Spellhowler, and Sorcerer's is last...


no chance on wolf...
hatclings your okay with your pre 40 servitors heals/buffs; Star is recommended...

Necromancer = Necro
(Group pve)
Mage Groups wants Necro's for their Gloom
Death Spike, isent needed to safe mp Vampire Claw is good enof in groups
You can also play a debuffer role with Curse: Weakness, Curse: Chaos, Curse: Gloom.
Curse Death Link is also very good, if you dont fear Death...
Corpse Burst is also a good AoE spell. Not a lot of people know about it but to get a corpse in those 1/2 hp areas is easy and the Corpse Burst spell does as much damage as all the other aoes.

(Solo pve)
Necro's can solo very well; with or without, the Reanimated Man... If you are low on money it's a good idea to use this pet. Not a high cost and you can solo almost non stop with it. Vamp claw, poison, and corpse life drain are used a lot when you solo with the pet.

Another good way to make money is to use Curse Death Link, find some mobs you can 1 shot. It's an incredible way to exp and get money. Even if you die, you will get the exp back quick.

(Skills in pve)
you use Body to Mind + Corpse Life Drain all the way to 75. Use body to mind as much as possible.
Death Spike is nice mana weise if you can afford it... Use 1 vamp claw and then 1 death spike to save money. You can still control your mp easily.
Curse Death Link, is nice on low HP, but risk off dying...
your Reanimated Man is nice for hunting, without downtime...
Higher Mana Gain, is good for someone who casts Recharge on you...

(Items/stuff in pve)
+4 int -4men, 1+int -1men so your debuffs can land...
+4 Con - 4 Str will also help in PVE. Having more HP lets you do more damage with Curse Death Link. PVE gear, Demon and a Staff of Evil Spirit allows you to do the most damage.

(Class Role)

For PVE, Debuffer/DD.
For PVP they make a GREAT main assist for mage parties. Just cast gloom and say "Assist me" and that target is gonna die quick. Of course you get Ks'd a lot, but hey they are dead.

(Money Making)
lvl hatclings and make em into striders. Curse Death Link is great money making if you can 1 shot mobs.

(Necromancers Speed)
you have the slowest passive run speed like a Sorcerers; but at least your ranged...

In C4 your Summons can use SS/SpS

Summon Reanimated Man steals 30% off your exp; hes a good DDer but his P.def/M.def sucks... but has a lot of HP to spare.
Summon Corrupted Man man steals 90% off your exp; his physical DD sucks, but he has high P.def/M.def/M atk and life. When fully buffed a Corrupted Man will have more m atk than an equal level Spellsinger.

you can lvl a wolf/hatclings very well with your Anchor...

Warlock = WK
(Group pve)
most partys will welcome you as a DD if you have a 30% servitor out...
with cubics you can only count on clan members to invite you...

(Solo pve)
your designed for soloing; aldo you lvl slow, you wont have any downtime...

(Skills in pve)
your pre 40 Higher Mana Gains are a must...
your pre 40 sleep/debuffs works well on mobs to 64...
your special buff is Fast Servitor witch incresses running speed off your servitor...

(Items/stuff in pve)
you can choose any weapon you like...
you can keep nuking to lvl 52 after that your need physical based weapons, to deal damgede...

(Class Role)
your more Solo, then grouping unleass you wanna go slower forward in exp...

(Warlock Speed)
you have the slowest passive run speed like Sorcerers...

In C4 you get mass summon Storm Cubic for all party members...
a new buff servitor Queen of Cats, with 4 prohpet buffs but 2 at a time (Focus/DeathWisper Guidance/Might and a cure spell that heals Bleed/Poison; she steals 10-5 % off your exp but maybe partys will let you in, with her...
you get SS/SpS for servitors in C4 + your own buffs stacks with other classes buffs on your servitor
yes Fast Servitor stacks with WW...

Mew steals 90% exp shes nice for farming adena and pvp, she has a windattack as special...
Kat steals 30% exp hes the one you use most; his special is recharing your mana...
Kai steals 10% exp and he/her has a crappy reflecting damgede shield on him/her self...

Storm Cubic attacks randomly with a physical attack on the things you hit...
Binding Cubic lanches paralysing attack thats okay at 52+ can paralyise whites with it...

as a summoner you can't have a pet out at the same time with your servitor,
Transfer Pain dosent work on pets...
And in light armor Warlock can easily tank for a pet holding aggro with low mana debuffs which they can spam forever, warlock's heal is way stronger than any pet's total hp that i've seen excluding sin eaters. And pets have greats surviablitity with summoners because we can ud anything we summon.

Bishop = Bishop
(Group pve) Large groups are a Bishops bread and butter. We don't have much useful buffs but in a large group with a dedicated buffer thats not important. Your main role is healing and crowd control, and by managing your mana well a Bishop can usually perform both functions for a group even without vamp rage.

(Solo pve) A bishop can't solo effectively, if you get really desperate then you could nuke some undeads, but its very slow.

(Skills in pve) Normal heals in normal groups, battle heals in emergencies, group heals when more than 2 people are hurt, % heal on someone with lots of HP, sleep and purify are all the usual suspects.

(Items/stuff in pve) Most bishops use robes, BW is good, Tallum or DC for A grade. Light is also a possibility, BW light is particularly good if you find yourself getting hit fairly often. Most bishops use homu with acumen and shield, though some like the idea of a blunt with health like an AOBA. Get a +4wit tat to help cast speed and get your wit above 26 for max res and a +4 con tat to increase HP.

(Class Role) The best healer and resser in the game. Ultra fast battle heals are great in pvp. Bishops are often targetted early in pvp as their fast heals and resses can turn the tide of fights.

(Money Making) Usually makes money in groups, but the best way to make money is the same as for all classes: trade on the market or do the manor.

(Class Speed) Slow, though we do get ww2.

(C4/info) Gets a great skill at 76 called balance life and some aoe debuffs which might be interesting.

(Pets) Great for leveling pets by using their paralyse undead skill and basic buffs.

Prophet = PP
(Group PvE)
Warcryers get almost all of the buffs you do, but they can buff the entire party at once vs. a 5 minute break to buff a 9 person party. SE's have recharge and VR which is the winner when your fighting to find a group. Berserker Spirit is loved by archers, and Bless the Body + Bless the Soul are liked by all. Avoid groups where you are the buffer and healer, your heals blow and your MP can hardly sustain buffing at lower levels without top robes. Might want to sacrifice WIT for MEN for faster mp regen, but I don't know any prophets who would willingly slice their casting speed.

(Solo PvE)
Top Heavy Armor of your class over enchanted, and duals with plenty of $ to spam SS. Getting a bow and rooting CAN work, but you will miss almost literally half of the shots you take, hunt light blue to green mobs at best. Even with root + pole, your accuracy is the worst out of all the mystics, it works, but it's sloooow and boring.

(Skills in PvE)
Word of Fear has saved my ass more than once, although it usually doesn't work. When it does work, you have about 10 seconds to hit a Blessed Spiritshot and Return out (pre-56). If you have spiritshots, or Empower you can root/sleep mobs decently for crowd control or rooting for archer/pole members. Most of the time your party will yell at you if you aren't sitting down regenerating for next buff round, or the opposite and yell at you for just sitting on your ass. Main skill needed is to be able to handle idiots in your group who decide to aggro the room when the healer is out of MP and your the only thing that can keep the group alive, many, many incidents like this happen throughout leveling.

(Items/Equipment in PvE)
Spiritshots/Blessed Spiritshots, when you need to heal, your heals suck and spiritshots help a little bit. When your dying, the spiritshots help to root/sleep and battle heal yourself. You can buy a pole or duals and DD with your party if its small, that way you don't get bored so easily. Carry potions, you never know when a party member is KoS and the raiding party comes and aims for the healers first.

(Class Role)
Sit on your ass, stay with the group, use your mp wisely so you'll have enough for next buff round, secondary healer (more likely third), don't fall asleep at the keyboard, and don't always go afk for 20 minutes, if your party dies and your afk, chances are your gonna die too.

(Money Making)
Compete at grinding grounds for buffing rights, the higher level buffer usually gets the sales, but if a SE with VR comes around, your pretty much screwed unless they can affords your buffs as well. If you don't buy a weapon or spiritshots, you can get through the class (minus class change quests) without spending much $.

(Prophet Speed)
Movement speed is 156 with Wind Walk 2, casting speed is 586 I believe after 52 with Acumen 3 and Blue Wolf Robes, 701 or so with +4 WIT tat, and 811 with +4 WIT tat and homonkulus with acumen. Increases again after 56 with new passive.

Warcryers get more buffs, the title of best buffer fades from the prophet even more.

With your buffs, you can level a pet very nicely if you can afford to gear it with the best. Heals are sufficient for a pet, just takes a long time to level.

Elf Figthers

Temple Knight = TK
(Group pve)
your basic tank. Some argue over which is better in places, DA, SK, Paladin. But in groups. doesn't matter. With 360 shield block, good mdef, and fast run speed. Make a good AoE tank.
Like all tanks, we have been pretty much relegated to tanking raid bosses.
agreed, bye Kithara

(Solo pve)
Can solo ok. But really need buffs to make it worthwhile. For soloing your best cubic is storm cubic. Used with haste pots. It fires more often. Heal cubic is okay to, but depends on your setup. Solo you have no skills to use mana, so just use elemental heal after a few mobs. Can pretty much go forever. But XP is slow due to kill speed, and your cubics cost a lot off adena...
[Kithara point on Solo]: can solo ok... till in the low 50s. Even with a buffbot at your side soloing as boring as hell and it takes ages to get the mob killed. If you got a SoDa+10 with focus SA it might work nice but with the standard stuff (SoDa+0 to +3 with focus SA) it takes long. The storm cubic is helping you but he's doing about the damage of 2 to 3 hits with your sword + SS. The firring rate does not seem to be higher if you got haste on you. Even with haste 2, dance of fury and zerk 2 (got 729 Patkspeed then if I remember right) if doesnt seem to fire more often.
I usually only use the life cubic for fun or pvp cause its not worth the crystals in pve imo, even in a duo or trio. Its rarely healing and at the highest lvl it only heals for like 380HP. Btw, not sure what the last upgrade on the life cubic should have changed but it also healed for 380HP at 1 lvl lower and it also doesnt fire more often. The only difference I've seen is that it costs more lol.

(Skills in pve)
Agression and Hate Aura will be used most... Thats about all you need. and not even that when soloing. Holy aura is decent when fighting undead mobs.
Holy aura is nice but only works on green or lower mobs at a decent rate. Because its a skill it cannot be boosted with bsps or emp. I only use holy aura in groups where my damage output is too low compared to other classes to hold aggro long enough (so rooting the mob can be better than hating it) or when we got a healer who can recharge me a bit in group.

(Items/stuff in pve)
Healing cubic is nice to pull out to help if your in a duo with someone.
Weapons: Most use a focused weapon to offset thier low patk, and help maintain aggro. And they have a natural high crit rate which adds to it. Heath weapon for raids is a nice addition.
For AoE pulling/tanking and raids get a cheap weapon with health SA, no need to buy an aoba or something like it. At raids and AoE you're not the one doing damage so a big hammer (low c grade) for example is all you need.

Kithara has full majestic heavy set on atm + a -2STR/+2CON and a -4INT/+4WIT tatoo on
I've chosen maj over nightmare cause I rather have a stun resistance bonus than a sleep resistance

(Class Role)
Just want to add that there is really no reason someone would choose a TK over any other tank class. Great defense, no offense. And no skills to vary the grind at all. Just double click a mob until dead and move on. I do have major respect for anyone that plays a TK and manages to reach a decent level without rerolling or going insane.

(Temple Knight Speed)
Temple Knight's have a faster passive run speed then, SK, DA and Paladin...

More defensive stuff basically. Only 2 good things are we finally get shield bash. And touch of life, which appears to be like the paladins sacrifice.

Summon Storm Cubic wind attack. Cost a crap load to summon for 15 min. But does decent damage.
Summon Life Cubic witch heals you or a random party member, again expensive. If you have a healer it is useless. Can be a nice addition in small duos or trios with other DDs

you can lvl a wolf, or hatcling well...
I would guess this is true. But TKs are such a bitch to level anyway. Who wants to waste the 30% to try it?

(PvP info)
TK is not the killer in pvp like other pvpers but he's at least decent against archers, Speed and bsps entangle, works well
INT/WIT is made for pvp only. INT might make entangle work less often (emp helps here) but you cast it faster and also cast stuff cure and heal faster (allready helped me a lot, in a 1on1 that is tho ... in a siege or group pvp you barely need to cure or heal).

Swordsinger = SwS
(Group pve)
your always wantet in groups cause your rare, and adds very nice buffs + okay damgede,
at lvl 49, not before...

(Solo pve)
you cant solo well without potions if you have good gear...

(Skills in pve)
you have to sing each 2-3 minutes and watch mana to keep your songs up...

(Items/stuff in pve)
you can go for almost any weapon; but bows needs Cheapshot, but isent a so good anyway...
you can take any tattos you like, and it woulden`t matter that much inside pve...
tattos +4 str +4 dex -8 con for more damgede...

in C4 your buffs, gets added to pets and servitors...

you can lvl a pet to 52+ with your hate...

Plainswalker = PW

Silver Ranger = SR
(Group pve)
they are good in groups, they will get agro, but not to much for it to be abnormal, in a wel balanced group its no problem, ifuuse a bow with CS then u do not have to wait and get mp up, if u ever get in trouble with the group u can just stop hitting, SR try's to get agro, and runs off with a train, done it from the last big pythan room in lair to the port spot in DV, they deal good damage.

we kite antaras, our 70+archers kitet the dragon around the lair, we pull all the angels from the 10th floor and bring em to our tank who then hate's em off us.. aoe sleep and kill kill kill...

(Solo pve)
probebly the best solo char, ( nukers left out ) we do good damage,are fast can kite the best, u can lvl none stop if u want to.
good for getting quests done, like infernium ore, and collecting coins.

a silver ranger does not use his skills in pve, not even in a group, the skill cost a shyte load of mp, only if u get into troubles u will use it...i left entangel out, cause this is a good thing to use on mobs once in a wile.

besides the lightarmor/bow masteries, u get:
-stun shot, stuns the enemy/mob gives about 200 more damage then normal shot
-double shot, fires 2 arrows, about the damage of a self buffed crit.
-burst shot, hits with a arrow and has a large AOE, good for aoe pt's with forexample a OL, dots u do it for overhit.
- powershot - its old, never use it much, but its a sure hit in pvp, unlike a normal shot u can miss.
- ultimate evasion, increase your evasion, kinda like ultimate defense, but they can still hit u, aswell do specials..
-entangle, slow the enemy down, in run speed.
- we got cure poison and cure bleed
-selfbuffs lvl 2 shield, lvl 2 might, rapid shot, lvl 2 magic defense, lvl2 sprint, soul of sagitarius ( bless the soul lvl 1) wile beeing buffed by a WC or prophet every thing but rapid shot will be overbuffed..
-charm, makes enemy less desired to attack u, useless skill....
-u can summon a grade arrows at higher lvls, at the cost of one a grade crystal.

"Sa quick recovery sucks for your kiting abitlys; so does very slow attack speed bows, aldo Qucik Recovery makes you shoot faster, its not meant for kiting...

but if u get to pick, do CheapShot SA, it owns, BOP with CS, for me is never run out of mp..unless u do specials..same goes for emi and soulbow.. but if i need to choose ill go for a OE carnage bow..few clannies trading in SB for ++ carnage..

had manticore set > theca set (if u can get plated leather set go for it,+4str-1con) >doom leather armor > and i got a dark cristal light set now, majestic is good too.

is always hard, depends what u want, but -ure STR for Pve, isent the best cause ure a DD dont nerf it more u already got the lowest of the 3 archers.
+4dex +4str -8 con, is probly the best for Pve Hunting

not much news, get one new skill, not sure bout nerf or upgrade

i hate pets, waste of time, but i dont think SR's got any special abbilitys to lvl pets, at least not more then any other DD, we do not have summons of any kind..

(PvP Info)
Silver Ranger - has a fast running speed and fast atk, high crit rate. perfect for ganking. Although they can't take much damage, they really shine in pvp.

Elven Mages

Elemental Summoner = ES
(Group pve)
most partys will welcome you as a DD if you have a 30% servitor out...
with cubics you can only count on clan members to invite you...
you can join Aoe groups with Unicorn Merrow...
In C4, ESes will be *the* nuker group buffer. When not in a primarily nuking group, ESes make effective DDs, and are also decent tankers. Is able to spam battle heal without worrying about mana.

(Solo pve)
ES can solo very well, with no downtime aldo you lvl a little slow up...
Not much will change in C4, Summon SS means faster leveling than before, still with no downtime.

Unicorn Merrow becomes an extremely effective AOEr with increased stats and reduced exp penatly.

Usual summon buffs, work as well as Prophet ones at higher levels.
Servitar Bright is ES special summoner buff increses M.atk.

Level 35 skills still work fine into the high 50s and low 60s.

Transfer Pain is very useful at higher levels, severly reducing the amount of damage one takes from external attack.

The use of almost any weapon with any SA is justifiable. ESes is the best "nuker" of the three summoners, and can use extremely low grade and cheap weapons to nuke with.

In C4 you get mass summon Aqua Cubic for all party members. Will work very well but the cost of the D crystals is speculated as high.

Unicorn Seraphim has a low exp penalty but lower stats. Has a cure spell-- this spell keeps changing in the C4 notes. For now I know that it cures stun/sleep/root.
It also has two very valuable buffs: One to improve mana regenration (perfect for nuker downtime) and another one that quickens the reuse timer on spells.

Summon ss/sps/bsps means double damage for meleeing and up to 4x the damage and increased speed for spells. Unicorn Mirage is lookin' pretty potent...

Mirage -- PvP summon. High exp penalty (90%), but is good for PvPing and farming adena on light blues. Has a high level "windstrike" attack. High stats.
Boxer -- Effective soloing and grouping summon. Has a 30% exp penalty and a mana recharge ability. High stats.
Unicorn Merrow -- The AOE and siege summon. Has an AOE hydroscrew attack. +++ effective in C4. Medium stats.
Unicorn Seraphim (C4) -- The grouping summon. Good buffs and cures. Low stats.

Aqua Cubic -- Fires a high damage DoT. Triggers most often with a high attack speed weapon, and triggers more often at higher levels.
Life Cubic -- Cubic that triggers as long as you have below 90% health. Very effective at higher levels.

Semi-effective pet raisers. Buffs and heals work well on pets, but not as effective as tanks or prophets are at raising pets because a lack of a root or hate spell.
Can't have a summon and pet out at the same time.

Weak aginst, Spellcasters Archers, but can beat some meele classes at high lvls due to Transfer Pain

Spellsinger = SpS
The only nuker class that has initial damage on both a slow and a DOT spell (frostbolt and ice dagger),
which makes it possible to be used on unflagged people and extends the range of the spell from 600 to 900

The highest castingspeed any nuker can get with a maximum of 1441 with DC robes, +5 wit an acumen weapon and full
buffs (acumen/zerk/dance of conc) and as casting speeds adds more damage over time than m.atck does the sps has
the highest damage DPS of all nukers.

Another benefit from having a fast casting speed is that the start of a spell when the chances of getting interrupted
are the highest are shorter which means that spellsingers get interrupted less often.

As the fastest casting and lowest damage per shot mage, the spellsinger burns through his mp bar and needs a recharger constantly.
You can get resist water and the bd Aquaguard dance to reduce water elemental damage and the spellsinger won't have any fallback spells but the overhit.

(Group PVE)
Spellsinger can be a sleeper for a party or just a DD with hydroblast, depending on party setup.
if grouping as crowd control in standard group throwing in Solar flare to finish the mobs will increase group xp alot and your mp will still be able to handle the extra load

(Solo PVE)
Spellsinger can solo with regular nukes or do AOE, either way with a well used sleepingcloud they can save their life when they pull too many mobs.

(Items/stuff in pve and pvp)
1[best pvp gear]:
A one handed acumen weapon along with casting speed robes and a shield.
[best pve gear]:
The same as the pvp gear, just get a demon robe set as an alternate set for where you can shave off a nuke with a little more power.
(best tat setup:
+4con -4str/+4 wit -4men/+4 int -4 men
+5wit -5men/+4int -4men

You'll have a higher survivability with +con but a higher dps with +5 wit, up to personal taste.

[Surrender to water]:
A debuff that increases water element spell damage by 30%
This debuff knocks off any elemental resistancies someone may have (resist water/fire/wind).

A water elemental nuke with a fast reuse timer.

[Solar flare]:
A holy elemental nuke with a slow reuse timer, has 125% the power of a hydroblast and overhit is possible.

[Ice dagger]:
A water elemental damage over time spell that can be used from range 900. has 50% of the power that a hydroblast has.
A good skill to use to grief people while they're mobbing.

A water elemental slow spell that can be used from range 900, it has effect 2 and 60% of the power that a hydroblast has.
A good skill to use in group pvp or when a target tries running away.

[Freezing shackle]:
A damage over time spell that can be used from range 600.
Not a useful skill for pvp the time casting it is better spent on a hydroblast or an ice dagger which are both range 900.
It does stack with the ice dagger DOT.

[Resist aqua]:
Spellsinger is the only nuker class that gets a resist, very useful when fighting other spellsingers.
only other class that gets this spell is a prophet and they get intensity 3 at lvl 66 which makes it harder to get than fire or wind.

Landing rate gets reduced in c4, however reuse timer will be 3 times shorter which means a full buffed
spellsinger will be able to reuse cancel in roughly 10-15 seconds

A close range spell that has about 80% of the damage that a hydroblast has, but has almost double
the casting speed.

An area of effect sleep spell, the individual per target landing rate of sleep is lower than a single target sleep spell.

When used in c4 during pvp m.atck will be lowered by curse magical weakness, doesn't make the skill
unusable it'll still be good to interrupt other mages.

[Mana regeneration]:
At the cost of a few spirit ore this 20 minute long selfbuff will give the spellsinger the
highest mana generation of all mystics, even with a recharger this skill can make the difference
between having downtime and being able to go nonstop.

(AOE spells)

[Aquasplash] is a long range nuke with a big area of effect, has half the power of a hydroblast.

[Frostwall] is a short range nuke with a small area of effect, the mobs have to be within melee range to use this
spell, which makes it easy to get interrupted hence a lot of people die when trying to use it.

Has 70% of the power that a regular nuke has and casts faster than an aquasplash does.

Overall prospective for c4 spellsingers:
Will still have the only 900 range slow/dot with additional damage, will still have the highest casting speed thus the highest dps
cancel and flare might get toned down, but they're not completely removed and spellsingers by all means aren't getting hit by the nerfhammer
they're getting put where they were supposed to be.

(Group pvp):
The spellsinger usually doesn't go up close in a big group pvp, just slow people with frostbolts and nuke them with hydroblasts from range 900.
Canceling someone is always nice but when a spellsinger runs from range 900 to 600 you'll be dead before you get it off most of the time.

(Solo PVP):
The spellsinger always cancels and depending on what kind of class you're fighting you either frostbolt them, surrender to water and hydroblast or you just
run up and flare them to death. in c4 where flare lowers m.atck you just work someone's hp down with hydroblast and start flaring them after.

The reason to slow a target before you surrender them, even though you get 30% more damage over frostbolts if you surrender them first, is that debuffs
don't always land and if you slow them first you'll have more time to land the second one.

Elven Elder = EE
(Group pve)
Groups want you either as, main healer. secondary healer, or recharger with some okay buffs...

(Solo pve)
same as bishop you, can only solo undead mobs witch isent worth it...

you have Greater heal, Recharge mana, and a few good buffs,
your kinda off a healer, recharger, buffer put in one...
you have okay Rez spells but not soo good as a bishops...



you can't lvl a wolf very well... but hatclings okay

Dark Elf Figther's

Shillien Knight = SK
(Group pve)
People will argue that you cannot take the role of the main tank. Screw them! A SK can tank anything as well as any other tank, given that you have buffs/a competent healer. The additionaly HP of human tanks doesn't make any difference, as long as you don't do AoE pulls.
Additionaly to your role as a Tank you are also a Debuffer, you get the unique dark elve debuff "Hex" that decreases the enemy Pdef by ~25%, meaning your group will do 25% more damage on the mob, very useful. You also get "Power break" which reduces the Patk of the enemy, not quite worth it, but if you got the mana left, spam it together with Hex.

(Solo PvE)
Very good solo abilities if you are in decent gear and can afford to spam shots. With Hex+Focused Weap you put out enough damage to take the mobs down in a reasonable amount of time, if you have BSpS with you you can keep going for ages since you can drain more efficiently than any other fighter (twice as much as other DE fighters for example). With Cubics it gets easier as well, they are quite costy though.

(Skills in PvE)
You're a tank, your main job is to keep aggro on you. Learn to use Hate/Hate Aura efficiently, study how far monsters social if you attack one of their comrads, have in mind which monsters are social at all. A very very usefull thing to know is: Hate Aura does NOT create social aggro! You can pull a passive mob out of a whole bunch of social mobs with this tactic and kill em one on one.
Nevertheless, don't overdo it with Hate, if you know that you can keep aggro, rather pull with your debuffs since they cost a lot less mana and have a nice effect.

(Items in PvE)
Definately a Shield+a sword. Put FOCUS on the sword and nothing else! With the additionaly crits you will have a much easier time holding aggro on your mobs. Armor wise for C grade obviously FP or Comp if you can't afford FP, for B grade either Avadon Heavy or Doom Plate, again depending on the size of your wallet.

(Class Role)
Taking the hits for the more fragile classes such as nukers/healers/DDs, debuffing the enemies, dealing a considerable amount of damage, leading the hung (!). Always know where you are going, pick out your next target before the current one is dead, keep an eye out for respawns that might aggro on you or your party members and decide when you need to retreat to a safer spot. Tanking is not an esay task if you want to do it right^^

(Money Making)
Hard, very hard. For Soloing you need very nice equipment to do good and soulshots/bsps. For Parties you will have to spam SS as well since you need to hold the aggro off your members. Your best bet is to manor as much as possible and sell the mats :/

1 Dex less than LEs so nearly identical run speed and attack speed, no self speed buffs though.

Gotta love em
Phantom Cubic: Debuffs either patk, pdef or attack speed of your enemy, these debuffs last 2 minutes (unlike your hex/power break) and the nice thing is, you can debuff white players with this cubic ^_^

Viper Cubik: Well, poisons the enemy and lands VERY often, good to have in PvP for example.

Vampiric Cubic: Drains back HP from your target, very expensive but well worth it. Deals an considerable amount of damage and helps to keep you going.

iuztrewq never acctly bothred to try but you could either para mobs for the hatchling or pull the hate on you. No buffs for it though.

Very efficent vs. Archers cause of shield and deflect arrows. Very efficient vs. other melees since you are perhaps the best char for kiting tactics besides mages/archers, freezing strike them and kite with everything you got (drains, dots). You will definately get problems with stunners in PvP, keep a distance to them and try to kite them as good as possible.
You also got Lightning Strike which basically is an instant win skill if it lands, 2 mintues total paralization.

Bladedancer = BD

Abyss Walker = AW
(Group pve), how, good are they at getting groups and witch ones...
Group PvE...good sustainable DPS, with the ability to throw down when the stuff hits the fan, provided you save some MP. Also, Veil and Silent Step are fabulous in some areas.

(Solo pve), can they solo well without to much downtime, or potions/buffsbots...
Can only solo well on x1 mobs. Trying to solo x2+ mobs will get you a quick trip back to town, or at least massive amounts of downtime. With minimal potions, if wanted, can solo almost non-stop on most x1 mobs.

(Skills in pve), the skill you manily will use inside Pve...
Depends mostly on the mob being fought and the makeup of the group you're in. AW's have TONS of skills, so there's a lot to choose from. For Group PvE with Melees, Hex is the BOMB. Deadly Blow is always usefull. Against mobs with phys resist or just high HP, bleed/sting is great...for solo, PowerBreak>Hex and Drain Health can give you that needed boost.

(Items/stuff in pve), just what, could be good to get...
+STR Tattoos. Anything to help your DPS is great for PvE. A focus dagger goes a long way too, as they have the lowest crit rate of the dagger classes. Greater Swift Attack Pots are awesome for solo and duoing, and as with every class, it's nice to keep a few Greater Healing Pots on hand for emergencies.

(Class Role), description about the class...
For now, class that can give a nice amount of damage, provided your target is distracted and/or you get lucky. Debuffs GALORE and a few dots for added fun.

(Money Making), if they can make adena somehow...
At pre 57 AW can make decent money unlocking treasure chests. I personally made a few mill in my early 50s unlocking the chests in Devil's Isle. Takes a little luck, but the cash you spend on keys should just about break even with the cash you get back, and that leaves all the drops as pure profit. FYI the chests in DI drop high B grade weapon mats and stacks of base materials. This takes a moderate amount of an investment to make money at though, and requires you to sell a lot of materials to make your money

(Class Speed), they run speed compared to, other classes with same styles...
One of the faster classes in the game. Base runspeed about 158 at level 60.

(C4/info), info on C4 changes...
A few new nifty 3rd class change skills. One that can insta-kill.
Land rate on dagger specials seems to have increased marginally in C4 based on several player's feedback from the PTS. Also chests are easier to open (%-wise) and yeild better rewards. Also pre-C4 chests only went up to level 52, now in C4 chests go all the way up to 78, so unlock's usefull for the full lifespan of your character now. Also, unlock has had a secondary effect added to it, a small % chance of getting a "superior treasure" out of a treasure chest. It's about the same chance as a magic crit, so I haven't seen one yet, but supposedly it's LARGE drops. At 77(?) Daggers get "Focus Skill Mastery" which is a toggle which increases the % chance of "superior effects" from skills. So, if you can get that high, you should be able to clean up, money-wise.

(Pets), Pets, how well your class are to lvl Wolf/Hatcling's on they own...
As a DD, with pets only getting XP for the damage they do, AW suck to level pets.
If you can get a nice tank hatchling though, they do well to help level your AW. :P

(PvP) 1vs1/
Teh Sux

Big Figth/
Can do some serious damage with stabs, dots and debuffs if you avoid notice. If you get targetted...well, Have fun back in town.

Castle Siege/
AWESOME. Target the enemy OLs, nukers and Healers, run around a flank and get behind them, and watch them drop. I got about 30 kills my last seige with only about 3 deaths. the trick is: Get in while the enemy's distracted, drop 2-3 soft targets, get out before anyone notices. After 3-4 runs though, they'll be waiting for you, or have you on macro, so your usefullness = 0. Get your jollies while you can. :D

Gank Squad) every info about how well a class is in PvP, and the items/stuff tattos for pvp plz set it in here...
This is the most fun as an AW. We have one of the few dots in the game you can put on a non-flagged person (Sting), and if they flag back, hex + powerbreak = weak, soft useless target. Throw in a few stabs or poison for added fun.

Phantom Ranger = PR
(Group PvE) - Great damage dealers in groups, however rather annoying to be in a standard group with a real tank, you will pull agro.. Always. I find it best to have a dagger at the lead, they can hold agro with crits long enough so taht by the time you pull agro, the mob is dead at your feet. And while you pull agro, the dagger leeches their life back with VR.

(Solo PvE) - Probably one of the, if not the, best solo classes in the game. They do heapsa dmg and as long as you are soloing greens/whites that are not X HP, you can kite anything.

(Skills in PvE) - Hex is priceless, Period. Stun shot can save a person from dying in your party. But in reality, you tend to not use these skills because of mana, unless you have a recharger in your party.

(Items in PvE) - Plated Leather Set all through 75, Emi Bow CS --> BoP CS --> Soul Bow CS. Overenchanted is always a nice luxury.

(Class Role) - Pure DD. Meant to drop mobs before they reach you, or soon after they reach you.

(Money Making) - If you hunt in areas that give you quest rewards, you will AT LEAST break even after SS spam.

(Class Speed) - One of the faster characters. Only ones faster are SRs, PW, Tyrants (I think), and for the short period that any class can use "Dash"

(C4/Info) - Fatal Counter is getting buffed.

Phantom Ranger - High Crit damage in game, although Destroyers can get the same crit damage but PRs always have them. Like AWs, they have low hp and can get stunned easily, but when its unnoticed, it can cause some serious havoc in the field.

Dark Elf Mages

Phantom Summoner = PS
(Group pve)
most partys will welcome you as a DD if you have a 30% servitor out...
with cubics you can only count on clan members to invite you...

(Solo pve)
your designed for soloing; aldo you lvl slow up with the exp, you wont have much downtime...

your pre 40 sleeps/debuffs works well upuntil 64...
you special buff is Mighty Servitor, that adds more p.atk...


In C4 you get mass summon Poltergeist Cubic for all party members...
and a new servitor NightShade it has no buffs, but debuffs instead to lower p,def m,def and hate every mob around + Nightshade can soak the targets damage by using its own HP,my guess is its steals 10-5%...
you get ss/sps for servitors in C4 + your own buffs stacks with other classes buffs on your servitor.. yes Mighty Servitor stacks with Normal Might...

Silhouette steals 90% exp its nice for farming adena and pvp, it has a dark magic attack as special...
Soulless steals 30% its has a passive vampire aura...
Shadow steals 30% exp no idea what it can do..

Poltergeist Cubic randomly debuffs a thing you hit with - P.atk, P,def and Atk. Spd has an okay landing lvl...
Spark Cubic stuns it target...

as a summoner you can`t have a pet out at the same time with your servitor,
transfer pain dosent work on pets...

Spellhowler = SH
(Group pve)
In a traditional group, you can be a point sleeper, but nowadays with all the SpS and Sorc rerolls it's gonna be hard getting a group as a sleeper when you don't have sleep cloud.

In a nuker group you have incredible uptime and damage per nuke compared to any other nuker. Using Body to mind when necessary and vamp claw every now and then if you are killing anything up to yellows. Alternate with any other corpse drainers in the group to use corpse life drain if you are fighting anything higher than yellows because Vamp claw hp regen isn't so worthwhile at that stage. You have the option to use Curse death link if the group is strong and stable enough and you keep your wits about you (stay in the centre of a room and move as little as possible in general). You need to stay around 50-100 hp for it to be effective, see below for more detail.

Alternatively you can make fairly effective AoE groups (fullscale not AB) once again due to your ability to keep your mana up. However, when killing half hp mobs, SH fall behind to the other 2 true nukers due to a lack of a 2nd (specialist) direct damage nuke (frostwall/blazing circle).

(Solo pve) Just 2 shot things as you see them with a body to mind in between each. Keeping your mana stable with vamp claws (better than using corpse life drain when soloing top whites or below for better hp regen for mp use and time consumed). If you are feeling in an adventurous mood, there's always Curse death link post 52. Try and keep your hp around 50-100 and just go to where you can 1 shot things. It's pretty good money wise but unless you get real good at it and have a damn good and reliable connection your exp is generally slower (either through death or being overly cautious you can't kill as fast).

(Skills) Hurricane is your bread and butter nuke. It does wind damage and thus affected by resist wind (and stormguard) and surrender to wind (which Sorcs also get for God knows what reason).

Body to mind is what keeps SH lvling so well. Use it as often as physically possible in PvE (not just when your mana has bottomed out) and you can keep going for a hella long time without using death spike.

Talking of death spike, death spike is a spell that is identical to hurricane but is dark attack type and also sues less mana. In exchange it requires 1 cursed bone per cast. These can be bought at Hardin's academy for ~300a since C3 (previously they dropped all over the place). While it may not seem much if you buy a bunch of them, you eat through them a lot and if you consider 2 nukers per kill thats an added 600a per kill on top of your bsps costs. Not very profitable.

Tempest was the first 40+ ranged AoE and only SH got it before. Now SpS and Sorc both get a version of it (and with a better animation too >.<) albeit at a higher lvl. It's nice in sieges and in AoE groups. SH lack a second direct damage nuke such as burning circle or frostwall but do get poison cloud which is pretty much useless unless you are AoE grouping on 4x hp mobs (with an AoE sleeper).

You get a point sleep which lands ok due to your naturally high matk. However mental aegis really takes a bite out of it's effectiveness in PvP until 70+.

Curse death link is a spell shared with Necros that allows you to do massive damage per nuke if you are on low hp. Someone here had a table with pretty accurate dmg ratios for your hp compared to hurricane but in general it's best to be at around 50-100 hp for this. Best bet is to kill stuff you can 1 shot with (generally greens which is pretty good since C3 and lack of penalty on green mobs). You can also try 2 shotting 2x hp mobs if you are feeling particularly suicidal. At 52 (when you get it) there's a pretty sweet spot in Dragon Valley where there is only gargoyles that are neither social nor aggressive. To get here, just follow the base 'road' from the entrance at death pass. It's a pretty good place to get acquainted with the spell as you don't run the risk of aggro or socials. Also, you can use CDL in groups where you are confident you won't pull aggro bad or at least your group is gonna exp that much faster the risk is less than the exp.

Vamp claw is a powerful but mana eating drain spell. It has the same power as death spike and hurricane and returns 60% of the damage dealt as HP. Personally I find this better to use to regain HP in PvE than corpse life drain when fighting whites and below or yellows with emp and zerk. Awesome spell in PvP.

(Items/stuff) Demons set is good at lower lvls but avadon (or karmian if you are really that cheap) is preferable for PvE after 55ish imo. Most people can't afford 2 A grade sets so I would strongly recommend Dark Crystal post 61 due to it's insane bonuses for PvP and also the fact that faster cast speed equates to faster kill speed and your mana should be upkeepable for the same amount of mobs (you can B2M faster).

Shields are awesome for PvP. Archers are the bane of any mage but with a handy EE nearby you can make them less of a threat. 1 dmg shield crit blocks are always amusing. For PvE its not really too much of a worry.

Acumen weapons pretty much rule for either PvP (where it becomes insanely overpowered) or for PvE (again with the faster kill rate and more B2Ms). A Sword of Miracles is the ideal mage weapon, being 1 handed and allowing for a shield, having high matk, acumen SA and the pvp damage bonus when SAd.

(Pvp/castle siege) Vamp claw is god in PvP. Knowing when and what to use it on is crucial in being a useful SH in PvP and that will only come in time that you can be so reactive to the situation. 60% hp regened from that damage you just dealt (hp dmg only, not cp dmg) is awesome and will keep you on your feet when other mages are on the floor riddled with arrows. In general, you should use it as a heal by targetting people you know won't have CP left. If you ever get stuck in a PvP with low hp and a healer dead/stunned/spam healing someone, you can always grab a few thousand hp by draining a dark panther or mech golem or such which is always preferable to drawing attention to yourself spamming battle heals like spellsingers and sorcs.

For your bread and butter attacks, you have the option of Hurricane (used in combination with surrender to wind for massive damage per second) or death spike (allowing you to sustain your mana for about twice as long in PvP and also bypassing any resist wind buffs without having to surrender).

Tempest is great in sieges, but 500 range is fairly limiting.

Curse death link is useless unless you like dying a lot in PvP. Staying alive to dish out the damage is what SHs do best.

(C4/info) With the nerf of aura flare and cancel, SH are looking to be pretty awesome come C4 as the main strengths of the opposing true nuker types are dropped.

If you can grind it out to 78 you also get a cancel of your own so you can piss some C3 cancel bots off with a quick Arcane Chaos followed by Silence.

The special effects on the SH 2 new nukes are also awesome, with the wind one (does wind dmg and does surrender to wind all in one) halving the affected person's cast speed and the dark one (dark nuke and surrender to dark all in one) gives back hp as well.

(Pets) Nukers pretty much suck levelling pets.

Shillien Elder = SE
(Group pve)
They are extremely popular in groups, Aoe and single kill grinding groups. Their buffs, mostly Vampiric rage, can make many melee classes nearly unkillable in pve. It can get boring, once you buff people up, VR keeps them going and you dont need to heal much, so theres not much to do other than provide some support attack or some weak debuffs. In AOE groups, its recommended to sit whenever possible, so you have mp for emergency heals and battle heals.

(Solo pve)
They are not good for soloing. It is slow and costly, i'd recommend having a DD friend with you as much as possible. Also, the lvl 40 class change quests can be extremely frusterating without some help, since it takes so long to kill anything.
Polearm + Dryadroot for solo
Bow + Dryadroot or this for solo
Duals + Light armor for solo

you have Greater heal, Greater Group heal, Recharge mana...
most off your buffs are offensive boosts...

However, since theyre not meant to take damadge or attack, its not necessary to have a good weapon or armor until the higher levels, so you can save some money on that. It also doesnt burn through bsps nearly as fast as nuker classes, so you save money there as well.
just get a NG weapon that uses 1 Bsps saves a lot

(Money Making)
Theyre not that great at making money, although you can sell buffs for a small fee in towns sometimes

(Pvp/castle siege)
In PVP, theyre next to useless. Many groups want them around for buffs before the fighting begins, but theyre heals are too slow to be of much use, they die fast, and attack weak. They can disable some players with root and sleep, but they lack the attack power to kill anyone quickly.

Pretty good for raising pets, since you can buff and heal them, but be careful to keep the aggro at all times with wind shackle and sleep, or your pet will die.


on a side note female SE's look very sexy. DE in robes ftw. But SE males look kinda... ghey in robes. Well, really ghey.


Bounty Hunter = BH
(Group pve) For BH's there are basically 3 types of groups they can join AoE Melee, AoE Mage, and the traditional crowd-control type groups (where there is a tank and the group fights one mob at a time).

In Melee AoE BH's can act as a tank, using their spoil festival to maintain aggro. Also In Melee AoE, if a Warlord or a tank with a pole is available (with a true hate skill) then the BH can act as a DD. With significant tattoo's and the correct armor though, the BH may find himself drawing aggro from hate tanks, and even occaisionally from warlords, so equiping yourself properly is key - and this includes various heal potions and Heavy armor only. Light armor will significantly reduce buffs and either leave you dead, or leave your healer with no mana.

In Mage AoE's you can act as a puller if you have enough HP, good buffs, Heavy armor, and experienced mages - but you won't collect all of the spoils and you may loose aggro. This type of group is for desparate times only.

In typical groups the BH is a DD. You are there to do damage and spoil. Be wary that if you -CON too much and put a ton of +'s on STR and CON that you will draw aggro from the main tank, especially if you're one of the higher lvl members of the party, or if you are higher lvl than the tank. If you plan on adding more than 5 to either STR or DEX (or some combination) then you should not wear light armor, as you will draw aggro and leave the healer dry on mana, or die. A smart BH in Heavy armor can also help these types of groups by using spoil fesitval in bad situations and taking some of the hate from the tank, using your own HP and pots to get out of sticky situations.

The BH is truly a small-group PvE'er though, so shoot for groups of 2-4 people with a DD, SE, and Bard (either SwS or BD) to optimize spoils and XP. The best situation is a 3-4 man AoE group, but even a 1-mob group will suffice decent spoils and XP. It is gaurenteed that every person in a party like this will be VERY happy.

(Solo pve) from Dragthorn veiw he wouldn't bother. With a decent clan hall to give buffs, or the right potions (in C4 Warsmiths will be able to make potions so it may become a bit easier), or l2Day scrolls may make it possible, but it's still not even close to being as productive as even a 2 man group. For a BH, lvl'ing is like sex, a bad day of grouping is better than a good day of solo'ing.
Light armor+Polearm on green mobs/light armor and duals.( you can get away with using a focused dagger lol)
Heavy Armor and Blunt/Shield and duals (you'll notice major difference at lvl 55, but till then duals work fine)

(Skills in pve) Spoil and Spoil Fesitival should take 95% of your mana. In some situations Feign death is used for training (hopefully on farmers) or pulling mobs away from your party and then staying alive (while they get to a GK or d/c), or running through crowded dungeons to reach a party deep inside. Typically your mana will be very low just from spoiling, and unless you have a lousy group (that doesn't kill very fast) or a dedicated recharger you won't even have enough mana to even spoil every mob you fight. In some AoE groups where you do large groups of mobs and then run to a newly spawned room you may have enough mana to use whirlwind, but even that is rare. In a good group that contols aggro well, you may want to try BW light (it's PDef bonus makes it close to the PDef of heavy armor) to maximize your mana regen (+3Men is HUGE) and make sure you can spoil every mob.

Spoil Skill....
For BH's the way you know if you can spoil the mob or not, is comparing the mob's level to the level at which you get your next spoil. For example, look at the gap between Spoil level 4 at level 36 and Spoil 5 at 43. Mobs ~31 to ~39 will activate well with Spoil 4, but beyond that, they begin to fall under the levels Spoil 5 will cover. So When you first get your Spoil 4, you can activate on yellow mobs, but by level 42, you'll only be able to get white-green well
This is what drymoon, have witnessed, I have a BH level 62. The higher level spoils come every 4th level, so they overlap well. Just make sure if you want to spoil a lot, get in parties where you're one of the high levels, so you won't be trying to spoil red mobs.

(Items/stuff in pve) Keep your Heavy armor on. You may be trying to be cool and do tons of damage or spoil more often using some sort of light armor, but you really can't do this unless you're in a group that really knows how to control aggro. Realistically, noone expects the Dwarf to put on light armor to be a more effective DD/Spoiler - they just wanna see the fireworks. Having a pole for situations where your sleeper is silenced/killed/disconnected is nice to use in conjunction with spoil festival (especially if you're using a bard or evasion tank as the main tank). And even if you're doing AoE, having a blunt with health is still a good idea for getting into deep hunting areas and staying ready for PvP.
BH can act as a pack mule for groups that plan to hunt for long hours and for raid events.

(Items/stuff in pvp) With the high carry rate of the dwarf and good money making capabilities there is really no reason why you can't carry a few weapons and a couple sets of armor in addition to a large amount of ammo (shots/arrows) and a couple hundred heal potions and a hundred CP potions - in addition to a good set of top-grade jewels (at least +3). A set of armor that adds to run speed (probably light armor), a set of heavy armor (preferably with a good HP bonus), a bow, a pole, and a blunt are all good ideas. With a lack of good PvE skills, it's a good idea to make up for it with a multitude of gear. Don't be afraid to keep a couple of haste and swift potions just incase of cancel too. I don't hesitate to keep at least 1/2 of my inventory filled with various buffing scrolls/potions and armor/weapons for different situations...

Ideally, when PvP starts you're already using your Blunt (with Health SA) and heavy armor with HP bonus. The most favorable situation would be that you stick with your blunt through the entire PvP. In this situation you should be just stunning/hammer-crushing the entire time. However, if kiting occurs, you should know ahead of time how much HP is added by your blunt and Heavy armor (each), that way you know when you should switch to a bow or pole.

After lvl 66, you get a pole skill that takes 25-40% CP on each contact of the skill, so after your HP runs out from the blunt Health SA, then you should be going to the pole to remove the CP with a couple swipes of the Pole - keep in mind this could be a no-grade pole, especially since you'll be doing several hundred damage on each swing (to CP) regardless of the grade of weapon. After a couple swings though, you should switch back to a blunt (for close attacks) or to a bow for enemies that are trying to kite you.

Everyone should be capable of ranged attacks in PvE, and a Pole just doesn't have enough range (even with long-blow). So a Bow of some sort is key, but keep in mind that dwarves have low DEX so their accuracy and crit rate are horrid. So go with an SA and Tatt's that add to guidence and crit rate. SA's like Cheap Shot won't make much of a difference, because BH's shouldn't be lvl'ing with a bow (because spoil doesn't have much range on it) and your mana won't be used much unless you can get up close anyway.

(Class Role) Know your role and Shut your hole! With C2 and sharing spoils, BH's have become the 2nd class sluts of L2. It will be rare that people expect you do to tons of damage or even tank, so just make sure that the spoils keep rolling in, and don't be afraid to bow out of a group if you know they'll be hunting mobs that are red to you, or if they already have a spoiler. Aside from spoiling, you're a DD, act like one. Don't be a lazy assister, and don't mess with a tank's aggro too much. Always look for ways to save your party by managing aggro using spoil. And keep stuff like haste potions, Ammo (of various grades and types), arrows, and SoE's in your inventory - this way if you get in a good party, it doesn't end when people run out of ammo and need to go to town. People will usually pay decent prices for this stuff, so it's not like you are donating the stuff.

(Money Making) There is still money to be made with spoiling. With farmers, seeding, and the low cost of mat's it's not easy to do, but it is still somewhat profitable. The key to making money with a dwarf is small parties. You will not make significant money in a 9-man group. The real money is in a duo with a melee SE or EE, but 3 and 4 man groups in the catacombs are nice too, because the spoils rock and the scrolls and AA can really crank up your money making to the next lvl. I fully expect to make as much as 600k-1MM a night in a good (profitable) group in the Cat's (in the mid 50's to low 60's).

(Class Speed) They are slow and have no ranged attack. Compensate with armor, tattoo's and a bow if needed. In most PvE situations you won't notice the difference, this really only comes into play for PvP.

(C4/info) YAY for fishing! Now we'll be able to buy/sell more stuff at once (along with everyone else). This is key for BH's though that spoil recipies (which will now also stack in C4, YAY!) and other items that take up a full slot in the sell shops. C4 does a few very minor things that will make running a BH much more enjoyable. With the additions of Tuxedos, thread and Suede will be in demand (for the first time ever), so watch for those bots in the cemetary. Also, with the addition of craftable potions, material demands will rise and the ability to solo may be within' our grasp...We'll see.

(Pets) If you can get a pet wolf about your lvl, and get it the best gear available, you'll enjoy this travel companion...
These may be more feasible with C4, now that pets can use ammo and they may now make a nice duo partner. For those people that like to de-lvl to stay in one spot for certain spoils, it makes sense to try and lvl a pet while you try and keep aggro with spoil. The combination of SS usage for the pet, craftable potions for the BH, and the regular influx of l2day scrolls could lead to the BH/Pet combo becoming very popular and profitable in C4

Warsmiths = WS

Orc Figther's

Destroyer = DS

Tyrant = TY

Orc Mage's

Overlord = OL
(Group pve)
Fine if you have a large and/or active clan/ally
You can still get groups as a DD if you go +4 STR and have a descent damage weapon...(just make sure you have plenty of friends in a variety of clans...)
An Overlord's Main roll in a clan group (if set up with a caster armor+tatoos and you have barely any STR left..just Crowd Control with binding and winter and your single target sleep... and help buff if you are with clan/ally ..if you aoe make sure you have descent Matk and the mobs arent TOO much higher than you..otherwise nothing will land..

(Solo pve)
You CAN solo until 66ish ....but you HAVE to have Doom heavy and a dama focus with +4 STR -4CON tat..(DON't -DEX cuz then u kill WAAAAYY too slow) (if you have an SE it helps a ton because then you can use BW heavy for even more damage without worrying about CON because VR helps a 64 I was getting around 3-4% a buff round...9-12% an hour..which isnt bad at all

Clan+Ally Blessing of paagrio(Shield), power of paagrio(Might), shield of paagrio( Bless shield up to lvl 3), Speed of paagrio(Wind Walk), Rage of paagrio( Berserker spirit), Glory of paagrio (Magic barrier), Sight of paagrio(Guidance), Ritual of life(Single Target CP restore ..lvl 1 restores 745 CP and you recieve it at lvl 64), Honor of paagrio (Ally/Clan Cp restore..lvl 1 restores 616 CP multiple target)
OL also recieve a ton of debuffs....ALL ARE AOE SKILLS and are the following:
Seal of Winter (AOE shackle..effect 3) Seal of Silence (AOE silence..) Seal of Flame (AOE Dot that knocks out CP+HP so fast) Seal of Poison (AOE poison..that when stacked with Seal of Winter knocks out enemy's CP+HP really fast), Seal of Binding(MY FAVORITE..AOE root superhero.gif ) Seal of Suspension (Slows skill reuse timer to make skills cool down really slow...SpS and Sorc especcially hate this ninja eyes m.gif innocent.gif , Heart of paagrio(...a slightly weaker version than chant of life but it lasts long and the entire clan+ally is effected by it..when in range of course..)
And..just like ANY ORC MAGE..Overlord has Steal essence..a single target HP/CP drain that restores 80% of the damage inflicted upon the target back to the caster (You cannot drain CP to yourself this way... it only drains HP back to caster..but it will damage the target's doubt about that) Overlord also gets a single target stun and sleep. Along with Soulcry..which raises Patk by a fixed amount (Toggle skill..constantly drains MP) Overlord is the only character that recieves Soulguard..a toggle skill that continually drains MP and raises Pdef by a fixed amount...The highest my Pdef has ever been so far is around 1700 with Song of earth+Nightmare heavy+Soulguard+shield buff.

ok now for soem tats and gear this is gonna be is some info I copied and pasted from some of my previous posts on this topic:
For PVP:
+4CON -4STR and Some kind of Robe or Doom Heavy for even more CON
+4WIT -4MEN I noticed no huge change for the worse in MDEF total MP and mp regen cuz of our high level MP regen passive skills and only lost 30mdef at +5-5 and it gives a huge Boots in cast speed
Use AOBA+health(for PVP you probably need a +7/higher aoba since OL matk Sucks) and shield (shield helps a LOT in sieges..the HP helps alot too since everyone and their mother is targeting you to stop your sealing shuriken.gif )
To make it even better do +4 DEX -4 STR so that your run speed and shield defence is even better

to Solo: Use BW heavy to get more STR back and an AOBA with health+shield or a damascus with focus+shield (I personally like the damascus focus with doom heavy to solo/duo)
Points to think about: OL is good in pvp<--if u have +4 DEX(shield rate) +4 WIT(cast speed)and +4 CON(HP)
Can lvl really good with out of party buffs...
Downfall: dependent on the buffers...without Vamp Rage Overlords have to rely on their steal essence for hp approx every 3-4 mobs...this is very annoying...

o and from 40-52 use duals and heavy...Duals will get you to lvl 52 fastest so u can use ur b grade stuff.

here is an example and I'll post a screenie:
in avadon heavy +4 with these stats and at lvl 63 I believe (now I got doom heavy +4 and higher lvl)
I have +4 STR -4 DEX tatoo
in doom with the tatoo I have -4 DEX +1 STR +3 CON(CON comes from set bonus)
all self overlord- buffed with doom +3 and +5 AoBa ~health SA
with Zerk:_______________________without Zerk:
4400hp __________________________4400hp
724pdef-->1224 soulguard___________817pdef-->1317 soulguard
510 patk-->800 soulcry _____________480patk-->771 soulcry
430matk ________________________380 matk

(Class Role)
PvE= Mass-Debuffer/crowd control/ DD and as assist buffer if you are in a clan group.
PvP=MASS PVP DEBUFFER+ CP restorer+(buffer+healer for clan+ally)

(Pvp/castle siege)
The Ally buffs+heals+CP RESTORE gives an edge to any clan/ally that has one around..that is if they can learn to play the class right

No new skills for an Overlord..but if you accomplish 76+ and become a are the skills you can recieve..

Skill Name.....Char.Level ....Type.........Skill Effect
Wisdom ..........76 ..........Passive .......Increases one's resistance to hold/sleep attacks.
Health ...........76 ..........Passive ......Increases one's resistance to poison/bleed attacks.
Skill Mastery ...77 ..........Passive ......This ability is used to make skills superior. When using a skill, with a low probability, immediate reuse is possible. Duration is doubled. Influenced by INT.
Seal of Disease ..76 .......Active .......For a short while, reduces the effect of HP recovery spells cast upon enemy alliance members and increases the probability by which their buffs can be removed.
Eye of Paagrio...77 ........Active ........For a short while, increases the power of alliance members' critical attacks. Effect 3.
Soul of Paagrio ...77 ........Active .......For a short while, increases the magic attack of alliance members. Effect 3.
Arcane Power .....78 .......Toggle .....Maximizes the power of magic. Power and amount of MP consumed increase and HP continuously decreases.
Seal of Despair ....78 ......Active ......For a brief moment, reduces the movement speed, magic resistance, accuracy, physical attack, attack speed, and critical attacks' probability and power of targets in the area.

...DON'T bother with a pet as an Overlord...........really slow to level...if you really want to though..stock up on Blessed rez for pets.........

Warcryer = WC??
(group pve)
Simply the best buffer for a group. Warcryers get Vampiric Rage 4, Haste 2, Death Whisper 3, Guidance 3, Focus 3, magic barrier 3, Might 3, Shield 3, Evasion 3, Acumen 3, and Reflect damage 3.

And for C4, they are getting bless the body, and bless the soul. On top of that some 75+ buffs, chant of victory(many different effects). ALL of these buffs I mentioned buff the ENTIRE GROUP including summons in C4.

(solo pve)
Blunt and a shield you can solo nonstop up until 50ish or so... at that point it is really retarded to try solo for any char. Single target psn/dots and life drain keep you always moving exp-wise.

(skills in pve)
stuns, drains, dots, buffs, sleep, mana drain dot, and even a few debuffs like root/chaos(accuracydebuff)/slow. Heavy, light armor, robes all work fine on a WCer.

(items/stuff in pve)
High matk staff/robes or blunt/shield/heavy or dagger/lightarmor all work well.
Tattoo preference is going to be +wit/-men, +con/ -dex or str for caster style. +str/con +dex/con +wit/men for melee style.
SA Focus is good in Pve hunting

(Class role)
Primarily a buffer/backup sleeper/DD. Because group buffs buff everyone at once, it saves downtime and gets groups killing faster.

Run slow as a turtle shot in the ass by a tranquilizer dart.
No chance to kite whatsoever. But then again, no need to.

see above. Also c4 upgrade graphics for fullplate armor so it doesnt look soo damn re tawd ded on WC's.

C4, WC's can buff pets. GG to us.

Warcryer = WC
(group pve)
Simply the best buffer for a group. Warcryers get Vampiric Rage 4, Haste 2, Death Whisper 3, Guidance 3, Focus 3, magic barrier 3, Might 3, Shield 3, Evasion 3, Acumen 3, and Reflect damage 3.

And for C4, they are getting bless the body, and bless the soul. On top of that some 75+ buffs, chant of victory(many different effects). ALL of these buffs I mentioned buff the ENTIRE GROUP including summons in C4.

(solo pve)
Blunt and a shield you can solo nonstop up until 50ish or so... at that point it is really retarded to try solo for any char. Single target psn/dots and life drain keep you always moving exp-wise.

(skills in pve)
stuns, drains, dots, buffs, sleep, mana drain dot, and even a few debuffs like root/chaos(accuracydebuff)/slow. Heavy, light armor, robes all work fine on a WCer.

(items/stuff in pve)
High matk staff/robes or blunt/shield/heavy or dagger/lightarmor all work well.
Tattoo preference is going to be +wit/-men, +con/ -dex or str for caster style. +str/con +dex/con +wit/men for melee style.
SA Focus is good in Pve hunting

(Class role)
Primarily a buffer/backup sleeper/DD. Because group buffs buff everyone at once, it saves downtime and gets groups killing faster.

Run slow as a turtle shot in the ass by a tranquilizer dart.
No chance to kite whatsoever. But then again, no need to.

see above. Also c4 upgrade graphics for fullplate armor so it doesnt look soo damn re tawd ded on WC's.

C4, WC's can buff pets. GG to us.

All Pet's Need a Weapon to do damgede, the better weapon the more damgede

They also Need Armor's aldo armors havent listet M.def on em it seems that higher Armors also Boots a Pet's M.def

Remember to Feed em, never forget it; if theys food in a Pet's Iventory they will automatic eat it when Hunger goes under 55%... if theys no food and hunger goes under 55% they be slower in attacking and running; better watch out for that if your pet's hunger gain goes to 0% it Disepeair with Weapons/Armors that are in its iventory...

Watch out for Agressive Mobs, and spellcaster mobs most Agressive mobs will attack Pet's for just standing still... while other Spellcasters, will use spells on Pet's... aldo espcaily watch out for Passive Spellcasters they may ignore you, but if your own Pet run's buy em they Fire off damgede spell on Pet's, only a few Mobs do this...

Pet's will only gain exp compared to they % damgede done to mobs...
in a party they act like Summons with the EXP, they steal only your own exp, and not from Group Members...

Duo Pet Lvling:
Find a Necro, or Bishop for they Parlizie skills, and buffers to...
Or find someone with Agressions, and buffers to...
or a Group off hatclings, where one off the hatclings Tanks: plz note that any wolf will steal aggresive from the hatclings...

Rez Scrolls:
Bring Rez Scrolls They's 100% Rezzecrution scrolls for pets bought From Dawn (or Dusk...) Each Second Weak; they cost 6000 in Ancient Adena for each...
when your Pet dies you have 20 Minutes to Rez it,
if you use a Scroll Off Escape it go with you, everytime you make a Teleport, Die/Teleport with GK/SoE

Leaving a Pet Dead on a spot it stay they for 20 minutes until you Rez it, aldo loggin out with a Pet (Dead on the ground), then loggin back in (Cheating...) your Pet will spawn Collor will be in your Iventory as a Collor and when you summoned it, its not dead anymore, aldo it still lost the exp % for dying...
this is not recommend, might Bite you in the ass in C4...

when C4 hits Overlord/Warcryer Bladedancer/Swordsinger buffs, that affects the whole party will go on Pet's to ...
All Pets get SS, and SpS to use...
They bring 3 new Pets in C4...
Its Speculated that in C4 Summoners can have A Pet and 1 Summon out at the same time, its not confirmed tho and may be a rumor...