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Top 5 most popular slots for October

The month of October was marked by some intense casino activities at Royal Vegas online casino. It is hard to ignore the fact that people still love slot machines, and they are ready to play them at the slightest chance they find. And now that the holiday season is looming and people are looking to have more fun at casino establishments, it is worth recalling the most played slot machines in October, and this list takes care of that. This list basically ranks the slot machines based on the number of individuals who wagered on the slot machines in the month of October.

1. Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is a zombie-themed casino slot machine that gained popularity in the month of October due to its thrilling factor. Players could not put it down due to its amazing graphics, animations and sound effects. This was also accompanied by a series of bonuses which players enjoyed amid gameplay. This game is certainly going to be popular in November and December as well. Unless things change, we see a strong trend forming in favor of the Lost Vegas slot machine.

2. Bar-bar black sheep

This quirky nursery rhyme slot machine has managed to capture the attention of adult players as well. Although the slot machine was based on children rhymes, the developers managed to include special features which have proved to captivate adults. This means the slot machine can only be enjoyed by adults as opposed to children. No thrills are involved here. It's just pure fan, and that's the reason it grew in popularity back in October.

3. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has always captivated players when it keeps them chasing the ultimate dream of scooping the jackpot win. The reason why this game has always been popular, not just in October alone, is because of the ever growing jackpot size. In turn, players can't seem to have enough of it. They always leave an impression in the statistics, thus we can conclude that it was one of the most popular slot machines played at Royal Vegas online casino in October.

4. Shanghai Beauty

This is an eastern-themed slot machine that was released just the other day. Apparently, it managed to capture the attention of slot machine lovers, mostly due to its creative theme. The bonus feature selection isn't the richest that can be found in the best slot machines. But it certainly has something special to offer. That's the reason it managed to appear on this list.

5. Dragon dance

Like Shanghai Beauty, this one too is an eastern-themed slot game with an element of captivation. You get free spins in this slot machine. There is a 60k coin jackpot which people should be focusing on to win big. The slot machine is unique in its own right. No wonder it couldn't miss out in this list of the top 5 most popular slots for October.


You obviously can't play all of them at once. But you can keep in mind that these were the best slot machines for the month of October, and still they are as long as new slot machines won't come up to overtake them. Maybe you could give them a try if you haven't already.